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Success Rates

Success rates are different from placement results. Students are encouraged to take a placement exam. Based upon their results, they can enroll at the recommended placement level or lower, not at a higher level. However, students may choose to enroll in the course in which they are placed at any time throughout their academic career.

Data Collection Methodology

Please take a moment to read through the methodology used in creating the data sheet.

Student Population

The data sheets for each academic year include high school graduates who

  • graduated between Jan. 1 and Oct. 31
  • indicated on their admissions application that they received a high school diploma, high school equivalency, high school proficiency, GED or a foreign secondary diploma.

Enrollment numbers include high school graduates who enrolled at De Anza College in summer, fall, winter and spring of that year. Therefore, this data cannot be compared with high school participation rates, which measure fall enrollment only.


In some cases, students may be counted more than once if they update their ethnicity, residency status, educational goal or enrollment status from quarter to quarter.

For example, a student who is part-time in the spring, then becomes full-time in the fall, will have two different enrollment status records – and will be counted in both status categories over the year.

Course Success Rates

Course success rates include all grades received in any course at De Anza College over the academic year. Students who drop a course without receiving a grade are not counted.

The “Success” column shows the number and percentage of students who received a passing grade (A, B, C or P) in a course. The “Non Success” column shows the number and percentage of students who received a non-passing grade (D, F, NP or I) over the year.

The “Withdraw” column shows the number and percentage of students who withdrew and received a W grade. The “Total” column shows the total number and percentage of students who received any grade in any course over the year.

Math and English Enrollment

Math and English enrollment figures include any student who enrolled in a collegiate math or English course or a pre-collegiate math or English course over the academic period. This section also shows the success rates for those students.

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