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High School Enrollment and Student Success Data

Data Collection Methodology

Please take a moment to read through the methodology used in creating the data sheet.

The data sheets include high school graduates who graduated between January 1 and October 31 of the respective year. If they graduated between this time period and identified on their admissions application that they received a high school diploma, high school equivalency, high school proficiency, GED or a foreign secondary diploma, they were included.
Enrollments include those high school graduates who enrolled at De Anza College in summer, fall, winter, and spring of that respective year. Therefore these data sheets cannot be compared to the high school participation rates which are fall enrollment only.

Ethnicity, Residency Status, Educational Goal, and Enrollment Status may result in duplicate counts of students as they may update their status from quarter to quarter.


For example, if a student is part-time in the spring, then full-time in the fall, they now have two different enrollment status records, therefore their status is included in both status types over the year.

Course success rates include all grades received in any course at De Anza college over the academic year. Students who drop a course without receiving a grade are not included.


The success rate is the number/percent of students who received a passing grade in a courses (A, B, C, P). Non Success is the number/percent of students who received a non passing grade over the year (D, F, NP, I).


Withdraw is the number/percent of students who withdrew and received a W grade. The total is the total number/percent of students who received any grade in any course over the year.

Math and English enrollment includes any student who enrolled in a collegiate math or English course or a pre-collegiate math or English course over the academic period. Their success in the course is also included

High School
Data Sheets

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high school data sheets

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Note: Success rates are different from placement results.


Students are encouraged to take a placement exam.


Based upon their results, they can enroll at the recommended placement level or lower, not at a higher level.


However, students may choose to enroll in the course in which they are placed at any time throughout their academic career.


Student Success Information

Student Success 2009-2012

Statewide ARCC Report
(De Anza listed on pg. 230)

High School Participation Rates


College Demographic Data



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