Grocery Gift Cards

Please make sure to answer all questions completely and correctly. Grocery gift cards are available while supplies last to eligible students who are currently registered for winter quarter at De Anza.

A few things to note:

  • Please provide your full name and the full address where you are living now, so the gift card can be sent to you by mail. If you are homeless, please describe your current situation.
  • These cards are to be used for food only. The purchase of non-food household essential items has been temporarily discontinued.
  • Students who maintain eligibility are limited to one card maximum per week. Any duplicate requests in the same week (M-F) will not be considered or carried over to the next week. It is up to the eligible student to only submit up to one request per week.
  • When sharing your current food needs, please include any information about resources you are currently accessing, or any extenuating circumstances such as loss of employment.
    • We ask for this information so we can understand the circumstances that De Anza students are currently facing.
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