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Course Syllabi

Some syllabi are under development. Please be patient.
Be sure to print a syllabus for EACH class you are enrolled in!

Fall 2016

Course ID Instructor Syllabus URL
ACCT-D001A-62Z Letha Jeanpierre
ACCT-D001A-65Z Christopher Kwak
ACCT-D001B-62Z Kevin Mello
ACCT-D001C-62Z Scott Osborne
ACCT-D051A-62Z Kevin Mello
ACCT-D058.-62Z Christopher Kwak
ACCT-D066.-62Z Michael Gough
ACCT-D067A-62Z Lydia Botsford
ACCT-D067B-62Z Lydia Botsford
ACCT-D075.-62Z Scott Osborne
ANTH-D001.-62Z Julie Hui
ANTH-D002.-62Z Arianne Ishaya
ANTH-D002.-65Z Leslie Berry
ARTS-D002F-62Z Catie Cadge-Moore
ARTS-D002F-65Z Catie Cadge-Moore
ARTS-D002F-66Z Nancy Olsen
ARTS-D002F-67Z Nancy Olsen
ARTS-D002G-62Z So Kam Lee
ARTS-D002L-62Z Catie Cadge-Moore
BIOL-D010.-62Z Eric Pane
BIOL-D010.-65Z Eric Pane
BIOL-D045.-62Z Anna Miller
BIOL-D054I-62Z Judy Cuff-Alvarado
BIOL-D054J-62Z Judy Cuff-Alvarado
BUS -D010.-62Z Byron Lilly
BUS -D010.-65Z Emanuele Cappello
BUS -D010.-66Z Emily Garbe
BUS -D010.-67Z Guillermo Hernandez
BUS -D010.-68Z Lale Yurtseven
BUS -D010.-69Z Michele Fritz
BUS -D018.-62Z Michael Gough
BUS -D018.-65Z Dan Salah
BUS -D018.-67Z Dan Salah
BUS -D021.-62Z Byron Lilly
BUS -D055.-62Z Emanuele Cappello http:///
BUS -D056.-62Z Emanuele Cappello
BUS -D058.-62Z Oduro 'Tach' Takyi
BUS -D059.-62Z Emily Garbe
BUS -D059.-65Z Emily Garbe
BUS -D060.-62Z Lale Yurtseven
BUS -D065.-62Z Michele Fritz
BUS -D085.-62Z Oduro 'Tach' Takyi
BUS -D087.-62Z Wenlei Shan
BUS -D089.-62Z Dionne Morgan
BUS -D090.-62Z Emily Garbe
BUS -D090.-65Z Wenlei Shan
BUS -D091.-62Z Dan Salah
BUS -D096.-62Z Michele Fritz
C D -D010G-62Z Cristina Leal
C D -D010H-62Z Cristina Leal
CIS -D002.-62Z Karina Dundurs
CIS -D003.-62Z Spera Georgiou
CIS -D004-62Z Linda West
CIS -D004-65Z Linda West
CIS -D014A-62Z Arthur Linn
CIS -D022A.-62Z Mary Pape
CIS -D035A-62Z Cynthia Lee-Klawender
CIS -D056.-62Z Leonard Fisk
CIS -D064C-62Z Sukhjit Singh
CIS -D066.-62Z Behrouz Forouzan
CIS -D079.-62Z Spera Georgiou
CIS -D089A-62Z Valerie Taylor
CIS -D098.-62Z Patricia Holmes
CIS -D099.-62Z Anita Whitehill
CIS -D104.-62Z Leonard Fisk
CIS -D108.-62Z Mark Sherby
CIS -D21JA-62Z Uyen Nguyen
CIS -D21JA-65Z Uyen Nguyen
CLP -D070.-62Z Robert Clem
DMT -D060A-62Z Paul Klingman
DMT -D063A-62Z Paul Klingman
DMT -D065A-62Z James Blank
DMT -D073A-62Z Robert Benzio
E S -D001.-62Z Jana Sanders
E S -D001.-66Z William Roeder
E S -D003.-62Z Lynn Thorensen
E S -D006.-62Z Jeff Staudinger
E S -D050.-62Z Jeff Staudinger
E S -D064.-62Z Jeff Staudinger
E S -D072.-62Z Massimo Maniaci
E S -D074.-62Z Massimo Maniaci
E S -D075.-62Z William Roeder
E S -D076.-62Z Ronald Wheelehan
ECON-D001.-62Z Don Uy-Barreta
ECON-D001.-66Z Triyakshana Seshadri
ECON-D002.-62Z Ann Burns
ECON-D002.-65Z Don Uy-Barreta
ELIT D011.-62Z Kenneth Weisner
ESCI-D001-62Z Jana Sanders
ESCI-D019.-62Z Mary Poffenroth
ESCI-D019.-65Z Mary Poffenroth
EWRT-D001A-62Z Marc Coronado
EWRT-D001A-65Z John Swensson
EWRT-D001A-66Z Rebecca Board Liljenstolpe
EWRT-D001A-67Z Amy Leonard
EWRT-D001A-68Z John Swensson
EWRT-D001A-69Z Alan Simes
EWRT-D001A-70Z Sarah Lisha
EWRT-D001A-71Z Amy Leonard
EWRT-D001B-62Z Yeganeh Modirzadeh
EWRT-D001B-65Z Jonah Hoyle
EWRT-D001B-66Z Yeganeh Modirzadeh
EWRT-D001B-67Z Laura Orella
EWRT-D001B-68Z Jonah Hoyle
EWRT-D002.-62Z Stephen Howland
EWRT-D002.-65Z Luis Limcolioc
EWRT-D002.-66Z Ruth Trimble
EWRT-D002.-67Z Marrietta Reber
EWRT-D002.-68Z Luis Limcolioc
EWRT-D002.-69Z Ruth Trimble
EWRT-D002.-70Z Laura Orella
EWRT-D002.-71Z Yeganeh Modirzadeh
GEO -D001.-62Z Kerry Rohrmeier
GEO -D010.-62Z Eileen Peña
GEOL-D020.-62Z Christopher Dileonardo
HIST-D003A-62Z Carlos Mujal
HIST-D017B-62Z Carlos Mujal
HIST-D017C-62Z David Howard-Pitney
HLTH-D021.-62Z Barbara Liechty
HTEC-D060A-62Z Patricia Hassel
HUMI-D001.-62Z Barbara Hoffman
HUMI-D009.-62Z Carl Jech
HUMI-D009.-65Z Carl Jech
HUMI-D016.-62Z Leslie Berry
HUMI-D016.-65Z Leslie Berry
ICS -D005.-62Z Catie Cadge-Moore
ICS -D005.-65Z Catie Cadge-Moore
ICS -D005.-66Z Nancy Olsen
ICS -D005.-67Z Nancy Olsen
ICS -D010.-62Z Julie Lewis
INTL -D010.-62Z So Kam Lee
INTL -D024.-62Z Catie Cadge-Moore
JOUR-D002.-62Z Gail McElroy
JOUR-D002.-65Z Gail McElroy
JOUR-D61A-62Z Cecilia Deck
JOUR-D61B-62Z Cecilia Deck
JOUR-D61C-62Z Cecilia Deck
JOUR-D62A-62Z Cecilia Deck
JOUR-D62B-62Z Cecilia Deck
JOUR-D62C-62Z Cecilia Deck
JOUR-D62D-62Z Cecilia Deck
JOUR-D62E-62Z Cecilia Deck
JOUR-D62F-62Z Cecilia Deck
KNES-D045.-62Z Cheryl Owiesny
KNES-D050A-62Z Cheryl Owiesny
KNES-D050A-66Z Farzaneh Ghiasvand
KNES-D054.-62Z Dawnis Guevara
LIB -D001.-62Z Alex Swanner
LIB -D001.-65Z Alex Swanner
LIB -D053.-62Z Alex Swanner
MATH-D010.-62Z Loraine Moen
MATH-D010.-65Z Harman Dhaliwal
MATH-D010.-66Z Lisa Markus
MATH-D010.-67Z Harman Dhaliwal
MATH-D010.-68Z Lenore DeSilets
MET -D010.-62Z Bridget James
MET -D010.-66Z Bridget James
MUSI-D001A-62Z Loren Tayerle
NUTR-D010.-62Z Anna Miller
NUTR-D010.-65Z Anna Miller
NUTR-D010.-66Z Alison Campbell
NUTR-D010.-67Z Alison Campbell
NUTR-D010.-68Z Barbara Liechty
NUTR-D010.-69Z Barbara Liechty
NUTR-D062G-62Z Anna Miller
PHIL-D001.-62Z Nicholas Baiamonte
PHIL-D008.-62Z Nicholas Baiamonte
PHTG-D007.-62Z Sita Bhattacharji
PHTG-D021.-62Z William Mattick
PHTG-D060-62Z William Mattick
POLI-D001.-62Z Nicholas Yuen
POLI-D001.-65Z Ishmael Tarikh
POLI-D001.-66Z Susan Gordon
PSYC-D001.-62Z Linda Hurkmans
PSYC-D001.-65Z Mark Healy
PSYC-D004.-62Z Linda Hurkmans
PSYC-D010G-62Z Cristina Leal
PSYC-D010H-62Z Cristina Leal
PSYC-D014.-62Z Melissa Tamas
SOC -D001.-62Z Maristella Tapia
SOC -D001.-65Z Mark Pasion
SPCH-D009.-62Z Brandon Gainer
WMST-D008.-62Z Julie Lewis
Workshop Heidi King

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