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Online Education

Course Access

Once you register for an online course, you will want to know how to access the course content. Because we are in the process of migrating our courses away from Catalyst and to Canvas, it is possible that students in Winter 2017 and Spring 2017 may have some courses that use Catalyst and some that use Canvas. How you access these courses will be different.

If Your Instructor Uses Catalyst

You will receive an automated email notification from Catalyst/Online Ed by noon the first day of the quarter with access information. If you add the course the first day of the quarter, you may not receive your access notification until the second day of the quarter.

If Your Instructor Uses Canvas

Your instructor will send you an invitation via email when the course is ready/published. Courses that use Canvas can be published and accessed up to four days before the quarter begins, but not all instructors will utilize this option. Some may wait until the first day of the quarter to invite you to the course.

If You Signed Up for A Hybrid Course

Instructors may send you an email notification, or you may receive an automated notification. Other instructors may wait until your first class meeting before opening access to the online portion of the course.

When to Contact Online Education
  1. If you know you signed up for a fully online course and have not received notification about access to Catalyst or Canvas by noon the first day of the quarter.

  2. If you signed up for a fully online course, have received access notification/information, but are unable to log on or see your course.

  3. Any time you have issues with logging in or submitting assignments.

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Online Education
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