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This page will be used to provide resources for faculty who are teaching online this spring.  We'll add new workshops weekly! Please bookmark this page and check back often. 

Resources & Training Opportunities

Canvas Certification Training

We’ve updated our Canvas Certification Training process to reflect the need for providing remote training to faculty who are new to Canvas.

Certification training is divided into four parts:

  • Module 1 - 1 hour, online/self-paced
  • Module 2 - 2 hours, workshop/webinar
  • Module 3 - 3 hours, online/self-paced
  • Module 4 - 1 hour, workshop/webinar

Your Canvas account will be created when you sign up for a Module 2 workshop date and you will receive an email with instructions.

Upon completion of Module 3, you will be prompted to sign up for your Module 4 workshop/webinar.

Module 2 - If you are new to Canvas, this is where you start. After you sign up for Module 2, you will receive a first email within a few days giving you access to Canvas and our online Certification Training course. There you will read through Module 1 on your own before attending the Module 2 workshop via Zoom.

You will receive a second email within a day or two of the Module 2 workshop you choose with the Zoom link.

  • Wednesday, September 9 - 10:00am-12:00pm

Sign up for Module 2 here!

Fast-Track Certfication Training

If you are an experienced Canvas user, but new to Canvas at De Anza, you can sign up for Fast Track Training, which includes Module 1 of our traditional certification training (1 hour online/self-paced) and a 1-hour workshop via Zoom that covers Course Activation at De Anza.

  • Wednesday, September 16 - 10:00am-11:00am

Sign Up For Fast Track Training Here

Beyond the Basics Canvas Workshops

Coming Soon!

Zoom Training

New Zoom/Canvas Integration

Get help getting Zoom set up in Canvas with the new integration. Learn how to schedule meetings for your classes, how to use your personal meeting room for online office hours available to multiple classes, and how to use Canvas Scheduler to replace the Appointment feature in the old Zoom integration.

Recording of This Workshop:

 ZOOM Open Labs

Dawn Lee Tu is available by request for practice sessions, troubleshooting, whatever topic you’d like to go through, developing teaching strategies using zoom, and moral support :)

Don’t hesitate to ask!  Please email Dawn at leetudawn@deanza.edu to schedule a time.

Open Labs and A-La-Carte Workshops

Open labs for Friday, September 25
7:45-9:00am - Join
1:30-2:30pm - Join

Have a good weekWeek of September 28


🌅  Sunrise Open Lab - 7:45-9:00am - Join

🖥️  Open Lab - 10:00am-12:00pm - Join


🚀  Speedgrader Tips - 1:00-2:00pm - Join

🖥️  Open Lab - 2:00-3:00pm - Join


🌅  Sunrise Open Lab - 7:45-9:00am - Join

🚀  Groups in Canvas - 9:30-10:30am - Join


🖥️ Open Lab - 3:00-4:00pm - Join


🌅  Sunrise Open Lab - 7:45-9:00am - Join

Don't forget to check out the Districtwide Workshops!


Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio
Are you interested in any of the following:
  • Boosting student engagement with your course videos (whether with videos you create or videos you share from sites like YouTube) by embedding comments or quiz questions that prompt student responses?
  • A way to guarantee students watch your entire video?
  • A simple way of recording your lecture videos?
  • A simple way students can record and share their presentations?
  • Knowing how long students watch a video and when they stop viewing it? 
Learn more about Canvas Studio:
Sign up for an asynchronous ~1 HR Canvas Studio Training Course:
Attend a Canvas Studio Open Lab:
Learn more about implementing Canvas Studio:

Recordings of Previous Webinars (Alphabetized)

Guides, Resources and External Training

Internal Resources

  • Beyond the Basics Canvas Course - Resources for some more advanced features of Canvas. Email onlineeducation@fhda.edu to gain access to this course.

  • Have You Explored Our FAQs? In the Canvas Certification Training Course available on your Canvas Dashboard, click on Modules. The first Module is a Toolkit that has valuable links and instructions to some commonly asked Canvas questions, including a Faculty FAQ page.

External Resources

Tips on Zoom Security

These articles explain some easy steps to make your Zoom sessions more secure.

Resources to Share with Students

Canvas panda with map

Canvas & Zoom Student Support Via Chat - Students can get technical help with Canvas, Zoom, MyPortal and other online learning tools or software, from the Library West Computer Lab's expert technicians. Available by email during Summer Break.

Zoom Quick Start For Students (Zoom independent of Canvas)

Zoom With Canvas Guide for Students

Canvas Student Guides

Online Learning Hub

Remote Orientation to Student Health Services

Want to Get On Board With Canvas?

Please see our Canvas Core section to your left.

TIP: When you sign up for a two-hour Module 2 workshop, you will receive a first email within a few days giving you access to a Canvas account and our online Canvas Certification Training course. Go to Modules there to read the "Module 1" information to prepare for your Canvas workshop. You will receive a second email a day or two before your workshop with the Zoom link to paste into your Web browser to join the meeting.

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