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The Online Education Center supports faculty in the development of online and hybrid classes with training, support and the collaborative development of online learning policies and procedures.

Canvas Training


Certification Training

By completing Canvas Certification Training, you will be able to use Canvas for online, hybrid or face-to-face classes. All faculty must be certified in order to use Canvas at De Anza College. We offer two certification options - one for those new to Canvas and one for those with Canvas experience.

View Current Training Schedule - WINTER 2018 Dates Added!


Advanced Canvas Workshops

Our advanced Canvas Workshops are designed for certified faculty who want to increase and improve their Canvas skills. We will offer new workshops quarterly. 

Winter 2018 Advanced Canvas Workshops

  • Cheat-resistant Quizzes and Exams (1 hour)
    Learn strategies and Canvas tips to reduce cheating on online tests. Faculty attending this workshop should have experience creating quizzes in Canvas.

  • Student Surveys (1 hour)
    Learn how to create graded and ungraded surveys in Canvas to get a better picture of your incoming students, solicit feedback on how the course is going, and elicit students' thoughts about how the course can be improved. Faculty attending this workshop should have experience creating quizzes in Canvas.

  • Group Projects (1 hour)
    Explore the options for group projects in Canvas including Collaboration, Group Assignments, Group Discussions and Peer Review. Faculty attending this workshop should have experience creating discussions and assignments in Canvas. You will also need a Google/gmail account.

  • HTML for Canvas
    Spruce up your pages in Canvas by learning how to create buttons, tabs and columns. Organize your material in a manner that is visually pleasing and easily navigated for your student.

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Canvas Resources

Explore the Canvas Instructor Guides for updated information and instructions on performing tasks in Canvas.

You may also want to join the Canvas Community to get access to updates, live broadcast feeds and discussion groups.

Online Course Rubrics

An online course rubric can be valuable in planning the development of a new course or improving an existing one. There are many rubrics available, and links to three excellent ones are included below:

Online Education Initiative Course Standard Rubric
The rubric adopted by the California OEI project in August 2014 for evaluating whether courses will be accepted for the OEI project.


Additional Resources

Video Hosting through 3C Media Solutions
3CMedia provides a place for faculty to upload videos and request captioning services. Register for an account and then request video upload privileges. Once your video is uploaded, you will be able to request captioning.

Online Education Advisory Committee
This committee is composed of faculty members who have taught online, Online Education staff, and tech support professionals. The purpose and tasks of the committee are to provide guidance and feedback for policies and practices developed and implemented in the services provided by the Catalyst system and Online Education Center.

OEI Accessibility How-To Webinars
Learn tips for designing an accessible online course.




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