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Flint Closure and Parking FAQ

Where can I park while the Flint Garage is closed? 

Students: Most parking lot and Stelling Garage spaces are available for students. Additional student spots are located in the Drop & Go facilitated parking area on the baseball field.

Staff: The majority of staff spots will be in the Drop & Go facilitated parking on the soccer field. A limited amount of staff parking will be available across campus. Map coming soon.

All of the previous accessibility spaces remain. The 11 accessible spaces in the Flint Garage have been moved to Lot J. See accessible parking spaces on the map


What is Drop & Go parking? 

Students and staff with parking permits will leave their cars with an attendant and receive a ticket number. 

Drop & Go staff will use Flash Valet to facilitate quick entry and exit. You can text for your vehicle 10 minutes before leaving. Those using daily tickets will text their ticket number to 408.763.8436. Staff should see the main Flint Closure webpage for instructions on using a barcode sticker.

For students, car pickup will be south of the baseball field. For staff, pickup will be north of the soccer field. 


Is a parking permit required for Drop & Go? 

After the first week, a valid parking permit is required to park in Drop & Go.


What are the Drop & Go hours? 

Drop & Go hours will be 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eight p.m. is the latest time to drop off your car. 


I'm a staff member. What if I get in before Drop & Go opens at 7 a.m.?

If you arrive before 7 a.m., you have the best chance to get a staff parking space in self-parking lots. More information and a map of staff parking spaces will be coming soon.  


What if I leave after Drop & Go closes at 10 p.m.? 

You can pick up your key at the police substation in the lower level of the Campus Center.


Will the Drop & Go lots be lighted after dark? 

Yes. Lighting has been added in both the student and staff Drop & Go lots. 


I need to leave campus quickly. Will the Drop & Go service be fast?

The company has committed to delivering vehicles within seven minutes of an in-person request. To expedite service, the Drop & Go team will use Flash Valet. Anyone who parks in Drop & Go can text her or his ticket number to Flash Valet 10 minutes before departure. Flash Valet text number coming soon.


Where are the accessible parking spaces? 

All previous accessibility spots remain. The 11 accessible spots in the Flint Garage have been moved to Lot J. See accessible parking spots on the map



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