What Our Students Are Saying

"It's easy to give up on math. Anyone who has a fear of math know what I'm talking about. What MPS can do is start to break down that fear and help knock math down off of that unreachable pedestal that many people place it on. Math is difficult, but if MPS helped me reach a confident understanding, it can definitely help anyone to do the same."

— Henry Graves Jr., MPS Student and Tutor

 "I have never been successful in math in my life until this year, thanks to MPS. The teachers are the best."

— Jenny Von Tress, MPS Student

"Since I joined MPS, I have been about to improve my math skills. This program is the best thing that has happened to me. The teacher, tutors and counselors know how to make math fun and easy?"

— Saul Gembe, MPS Student

"The teachers and tutors are very passionate about what they do. This will be the math class you'll never want to walk away from. Don't be frightened by equations Discover easy math in MPS."

— Doris Hong, MPS Student

The MPS program is by far on of the best at De Anza College. It has help many other students and me to pass math. I highly recommend it."

— Pedro Hernandez, MPS Student

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