MPS Math Faculty

Instructor Math Class Date Time Location
Stachnick, Gregory Math 10 - Elementary Statistics MTWThF 8:30AM-10:20AM E33
Fischer, Rani Math 10 - Elementary Statistics MTWThF 10:30AM-12:20PM MLC108
Doli, Bambhania Math 10 - Elementary Statistics MTWTh 1:30PM-3:45PM S16
Geraghty, Maurice  Math 10 - Elementary Statistics MTWTh 4:00PM-6:15PM S45
Yarahmadi, Fatemeh Math 10 - Elementary Statistics MTWTh 6:30PM-8:45PM E33
Lundstrom, Kelly Math 114 - Intermediate Algebra MTWTh 9:30AM-11:45AM S44
Rashid, Nahrin Math 41 - Precalculus I MTWThF 9:30AM-11:20AM E36
Guerrero, Salvador Math 41 - Precalculus I MTWThF 10:30AM-12:20PM S46
Balm, Cheryl Math 41 - Precalculus I MTWTh 1:30PM-3:45PM E33
Tran, Danny Math 43 - Precalculus III: Advanced Topics MTWThF 10:30AM-12:20PM E34


Name: Doli Bambhania
What was your undergraduate major? Mathematics
What helped you succeed in college? Like-minded study partners with whom hours would melt away figuring out problems and understanding concepts; Studying a subject that I really enjoyed (even though I struggled a lot with it); Supportive family; Financial assistance; Tutoring (which helped me improve my own study habits)
What advice would you give students? Maintain a growth mindset - success comes from determination and persistence, and it's normal to encounter lots of failures along the way; When you feel frustrated, focus on your goals and work towards them; Seek help when you need it, and use it in a way that empowers you and helps your growth; Be mindful about how you spend your time to ensure it's consistent with your priorities; Develop good study and communication habits


Name: Rani Fischer
What was your undergraduate major? Mathematics
What helped you succeed in college? Reaching out for help
What advice would you give students? Don't trust anyone who tells you how to feel
Name: Mo Geraghty
What was your undergraduate major? Mathematics and Statistics
What helped you succeed in college? I was struggling because of personal and financial issues happening in my family. I had to work and go to school. There was a professor I had who encouraged me not to quit and who helped me get some additional funding so I could finish. When I was lost and thought I was all alone, I found out there were many people rooting for me to succeed.
What advice would you give students? If you feel like quitting, talk to your instructors. Honestly, we have all been there and we want to help. You are not alone.
Name: Cheryl Balm
What was your undergraduate major? Journalism and Advertising
What helped you succeed in college? My amazing, supportive parents
What advice would you give students? Focus on good time management. If you're balancing classes, work and family obligations, make sure you also carve out time to tudy and get your homework done, and time for yourself. Don't be afraid to ask questions and get help. It's not a sign of weakness, it's what the teachers, counselors and tutors are there for!
Name: Fatemeh Yarahmadi
What was your undergraduate major? Pure Mathematics
What helped you succeed in college? Studying very hard, and getting help from my instructors
What advice would you give students? Do not hesitate to get help from the instructor, tutoring center, and review your progress in class on regular basis
Name: Salvador Guerrero
What was your undergraduate major? Mathematics
What helped you succeed in college? Was good in math so it came easy to me. It's important to choose a major that is interesting to you so you can do well.
What advice would you give students? Make sure to enjoy what you are doing. I worked a lot in college and I wish I had more time to be a part of the campus community. If you have the ability to get invovled do it!

Name: Danny Tran
What was your undergraduate major? Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics
What helped you succeed in college? Scheduling every activity I had really helped me organize my life and manage my time wisely. I tried my best to be realisitics with how much time I needed to study and fit fun activities around my work and study schedule. This strategy really helped me to minimize procerastination, which had been the source of so much of my anxiety early in college. 
What advice would you give students? Focus on learning, not just on grades. If you are able to focus on gaining a deep understanding of the material, retaining what you learn, and being able to communicate those concepts and ideas to classmates, the good grades will follow. Having that unrelenting desire to master everything you do will give you the knowedge and skills to truly be successful.
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