The DeCillis Vietnam Conflict Collection

paul The DeCillis collection about the Vietnam conflict was donated to the De Anza College Library by Paul DeCillis, who served with the 4th Infantry in Vietnam's Central Highlands in 1969-1970. Paul, who is now a communications technician with Pacific Bell, became a collector of materials about the Vietnam out of a personal need and a deep personal conviction that eventually people would desire to read more about the war.

The collection is still growing and covers all viewpoints with some of the books in French and Vietnamese, and others first printings or rare editions. The collection includes books, videos, magazines, memorabilias (helmets from both sides, a jar of soil from Vietnam, Vietnamese coins and stamps, etc.), artifacts, drawings, and personalized items collected by Paul DeCillis and with gifts from Vietnam veterans and their families. De Cillis is featured in this photo, standing by the memorabilia display case.

There is a miniature book titled "Truyen Kieu" (The Tale of Kieu), a wall clock in the shape of Vietnam, and a set of four Vietnamese inlaid lacquer panels depicting scenes from the Tale of Kieu.

Many of the materials in the collection can be checked out of the library by students and faculty. The extensive video collection may be viewed in the area or taken out on loan. Please search the library catalog for call numbers or ask a librarian at the reference desk for assistance in locating materials

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The Jimmy Weedo Poem

To all the Jimmy Weedos
Who left their lives in Vietnam
To all the Veterans
Who left their minds in Vietnam
To all of us
Who left our childhoods in Vietnam
I dedicate this poem.

Panel 14d Line 93

In memory of Jimmy Weedo

Because you were my friend
Twenty three years have come to pass
Since I walked down those halls, since I sat in class.
There was much I had learned, many friends I had met
one student in particular I will never forget
Fincent James Weedo Jr. became a friend to me
those who knew him called him Jimmy
Together we grew and together we played
often sandlot football on Saturdays
Jimmy went on to play varsity
he hiked that ball for victory
The years went by then graduation was through
We found ourselves jobs not much else to do
Suddenly our country had to prove right from wrong
we had to go fight, we had to be strong
It seemed the Hawks and the Doves just could not agree
something about saving Democracy
Then a letter arrived as war letters do
Greetings, I'm Uncle Sam and I Want You
We were so very young and still so naive
Sure, we'll go to Viet Nam because we believe
We'll dodge those bullets, those rockets those bombs
and we'll make it hom, don't worry Mom
Some of us did make it home
and some of us still find comfort alone
But others did not survive at all
their names are engraved "deep" into that WALL

It was 19 and 83, Autumn had begun
when I first saw the Wall of the daughters and sons
and that name which was so special to me
Vincent J. Weedo Jr. seemed to be looking at me
It wasn't right for me to pretend
but I had to believe it, I needed it then
Is that you, is that you, Jimmy, is that you that I see
why can't you come out and be here with me
of course, no response did I receive back
only reflecting eyes in that "Wall of Black"
What was it so powerful that took our youth
then I could swear Jimmy said,
I bowed my head, and turned away
as I did I heard a distant voice say
Is that you, is that you, is that you that I see
but when I turned to look back
that reflection was me...

God Bless You Jimmy Weedo
And All Those Who Sacrificed

Written by Paul De Cillis
Garfield High School
Garfield, New Jersey
Class of 1964
Viet Nam Veteran
4th Infantry Division
4th Administration Company
Pleiku and An Khe, "Republic of South Viet Nam"
July 1969-August 1970
copyright 1987 Paul De Cillis

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