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Students around turtle sculptureTo get the most out of your college experience, join a learning community!

Learning communities give you the opportunity to connect more closely with your classmates, teachers and advisors.

Learn in a fun and friendly environment with proven success rates.

We have a learning community that's just what you need. Choose the one that's best for you.

Read a brief description about each below. Then check out the program websites for details about how to join.

SHARE your experiences with fellow students who are entering college for the first time or who may be the first in their families to come to college. In FYE, you’ll learn many different subjects that have real-life importance as you engage in your communities, and gain valuable insights about all the ins-and-outs of how to get through college. Website link direct See FYE website to apply.
CHALLENGE yourself by working on projects and papers that are more rigorous, creative, interdisciplinary or analytical. Meet a diverse group of fellow Honors students who share your commitment to learning and education as you participate in a community of scholars. Website link direct See Honors website to apply.
LEARN more about your Asian Pacific Islander heritage and how it helps shape who you are. Participate in cultural events and activities to support your academic achievement in your educational, personal and career goals. Website link direct See IMPACT AAPI website to apply.
DEVELOP your leadership skills by engaging in course-related service learning projects while reading and writing about Latina/o culture, history, literature and social issues. Through Latina/o Empowerment at De Anza, you can make a real difference in your community and join a powerful network of young leaders. Website link direct See LEAD website for how to take a class.
CULTIVATE your teamwork and collaborative skills in a friendly, supportive atmosphere by learning in communities of students. Make connections between your classes by seeing how two or more classes relate to each other often through common themes, materials and assignments. Website link direct See LinC website for current class offerings.
DISCOVER effective ways to improve your achievement in math through innovative and collaborative approaches. If you have had a tough time with math in the past, MPS can help.
Website link direct See MPS website to apply.
BUILD lasting connections with your fellow students. Get support through academic counseling, peer mentoring and career advising. Learn the skills you need to succeed in college and beyond. Visit the website.
CONNECT with fellow students as you focus on Mexican American and Latina/o authors and community issues. Build bridges to help you succeed in college as you become leaders and mentors in your communities. Website link direct See Puente website to apply.
COLLABORATE with other student-athletes in a supportive network of coaches, instructors and counselors. Follow a linked curriculum of reading, writing and humanities classes and build a foundation for success on and off the field. Apply on the REACH website.
UNITE with other African ancestry students to enhance your cultural and educational experiences. Umoja seeks to educate the whole student – body, mind and spirit -- through the construction of knowledge and critical thought. See Umoja website to apply.
ENGAGE in experience-based learning in the classroom, in workplace environments and in various communities by interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. Through VIDA, become a leader in your community and possibly earn a leadership certificate along the way. Website link direct See VIDA website to learn how to get involved.

Learning Communities
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