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Faculty Greensheet Directions:

1. Scroll to your course

2. Copy your SLO statements into your greensheet

3. Make sure at least one assignment in your course addresses each SLO.

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Journalism Course SLOs


JOUN 2: Mass Communication and Its Impact on Society

  1. Explain and illustrate the basic facets of communication theory.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the history, operation and culture of different forms of mass media.
  3. Analyze and critique the impact of mass media and the controversies and biases inherent in legal and ethical aspects of the media.
  4. Investigate career opportunities in the mass media.


JOUN 21A: News Writing and Reporting

  1. Judge and rank characteristics of a news story
  2. Synthesize important details to create the lead for a news story
  3. Evaluate and access sources to report a multi-source news story and develop it for publication in print or online
  4. Demonstrate the use of ethical principles in reporting a news story


JOUN. 21B: Feature Writing and Reporting

  1. Appraise and critique feature stories for originality, sourcing and writing style.
  2. Report and construct original multi-source feature stories including incorporating ethical principles and defending the use of sources.
  3. Produce opinion and critique stories using students' own observations and sourcing.
  4. Illustrate how to present feature stories in non-print formats.


JOUN. 61: Newspaper and Student Media Staff

  1. Demonstrate judgment of what makes a news story and how to go about gathering information.
  2. Construct news, feature and opinion pieces for a print newspaper and at least one electronic medium.
  3. Develop a portfolio of work suitable for publication in a newspaper or for a news organization Web site.


JOUN. 62: Newspaper and Media Freelancing

  1. Develop content for a media outlet, suitable for publication or presentation.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to complete assignments within specified deadlines.


JOUN. 63: Newspaper Advertising Staff

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of a newspaper's business operations
  2. Demonstrate the process of how to work with an advertising client
  3. Design and produce an advertisement


JOUN. 77W-Z: Special Projects

  1. Demonstrate the ability to apply tools and technologies appropriate for the creation and production of media content.
  2. Demonstrate and apply journalistic responsibility while creating and producing media content.


JOUN. 78X-Z: Special Topics in Journalism

  1. Create, organize and produce communications or media pertaining to a specific journalism topic
  2. Demonstrate the theoretical foundations of a specific journalism topic and its importance within the discipline.



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