Key Policies and Reporting Forms

This page provides links to important policies concerning student rights and responsibilities. Scroll down for links to online reporting forms that students can use to file a grievance or request assistance

Academic Integrity

Americans with Disabilities Act

Discrimination or Unlawful Harassment

Rights and Responsibilities

Sexual Harassment and Title IX

Student Requests for Assistance

Students can use this form to request assistance with a college process or a situation they haven't been able to resolve on their own. The Office of Student Development will work with students to find a resolution.

While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome, we may be able to assist with navigating a complex issue. Please include as much detail as you can provide with your request. 

Student Grievances

Students can use the grievance process to seek resolution when they believe a college decision or action has wrongly affected their status, rights or privileges as a student.

Before filing a grievance, students should attempt to solve the matter informally by following the steps outlined in district Administrative Procedure 5530, which governs student grievance procedures.  (Students should also review the Student Grievance Procedure page and related information in the College Policies section of this website.) 

Upon the recommendation of the appropriate administrator, a student may file a formal grievance. Specifically, students may file a grievance to address the following issues:

  • Course grades involving a mistake, fraud, error, bad faith or incompetence, in accordance with Education Code Section 76224(a)
  • Acts or threats of intimidation or harassment, not related to sexual harassment or discrimination
    Acts or threats of physical aggression
  • Arbitrary actions or imposition of sanctions without proper regard to due process
  • Infringment on the exercise of free expression as protected by state and federal laws, including Education Code Section 76120
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