International Studies Department

Faculty & Staff


Edmundo Norte
Division Dean and Department Chair

FACULTY (alphabetized by last name)

Catie Cadge-Moore, FT Instructor: Multicultural Art
Office: A-44 Hours: Sabbatical

Constance Cole, PT Instructor :: Global Studies, Women's Studies
Office: MCC-14 (Pod 10) Hours: TBA
408.864-8999 x 338

Young Jung, PT Instructor :: Korean Culture
Office: G1 Hours: TBA
408.864.8999 x3399

Greg Knittel, PT Instructor :: Asian History
Office: TBA Hours: TBA

So Kam Ng Lee, PT Instructor :: Asian Art, Multicultural Art
Office: MCC-14 (Pod 11) Hours: Tuesdays 12pm-2:30pm and Thursdays 10:30-12pm
408.864.8999 x3409

Veronica Neal, FT Instructor: International Studies
Office: FOR  Hours: TBA

Cam Vu, PT Instructor :: Vietnamese Literature
Office: by appt Hours: TBA

International Studies
Building: MCC-14
Contact: Mary Medrano
Phone: 408.864.8769

Last Updated: 7/8/17