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Student Mentor Program 

Student Mentors are volunteers who are selected by the ISP office to represent the international student body at De Anza College.  They assist with new student orientations and other ISP events, help new students adjust to life at De Anza, and plan social events/activities for current students. 

Are you a prospective or new student to De Anza?  The student mentors can give you tips and advice, and they may be able to help answer your questions in your first language.  If you'd like to get in touch with one of our current student mentors, email Program Coordinator Hayley Davidson.

   picture of Ramona    

 Rong Wang (Ramona)- China


Hi, my name is Ramona, I'm an international student from China.  I'm majoring in Communication and planning to transfer to a four-year university with the same major.  I'm a thinker and a dreamer.  I love to talk about topics associated with philosophy, religious studies, environmental issues, and art.  There are a few things like to do in my life: traveling, cooking, dancing, making art works.  My dream is to be a wonderful woman who has a gentle soul, experiencing culture around the world, living in a peaceful life with people who I love and help as many people as I can though my little hands.                      

 picture of Jack


Zijuan Liu (Jack)- China


I came to the US after I graduated from the Affiliated High School of SCNU, China.  I am a sophomore at De Anza College.  I have a large variety of interests.  I play a bit of piano and I love Chopin.  I am an official cyber athlete and captian of DA Acrobats, the Heroes of the Storm team at De Anza College's eSports Club.  My major is Computer Science.

 picture of Yasemin


 Yasemin Karrasch- Germany


My name is Yasemin, I'm 21 years old and I'm an international student from Germany.  I have been living here in the Bay Area (Sunnyvale, CA) since September 2014.  I first started as an Au Pair on a J1 visa but am now a full-time student on an F1 visa here at De Anza College.  My major is Business Administration.  After De Anza, I hope to transfer to SJSU and at the same time, begin an internship at Cisco Systems Inc.  I think I can say of myself that I'm a tomboy and in my free time, I like to hang out with my friends, go on trips, go to the movies, listen to music and just any activity that's outside or hands-on.  I do enjoy cars a lot. 




Bemesgana Alemu- Ethiopia


Hi!  My name is Bemesgana Alemu.  I'm originally from Addis Abab, Ethiopia but recently moved from Jackson, Mississippi.  I am a Chemistry major hoping to go into a Biochemistry program in the future.  I love photography and trying out food from all areas of the world.  This is sometimes challenging because I'm a pescatarian, which limits the food groups I try.

 picture of Tri

Tri Le- Vietnam


I'm Tri.  I've been at De Anza for almost a year.  I've met some great people here and enjoy.  Currently I'm taking classes in Computer Science to pursue a degree in this field.  I love cycling and hiking, just being outdoors in general. 

 picture of Jay


Joowon Um (Jay)- Republic of Korea


Hello fellow international students at De Anza!  Just like you, I have traveled a long distance to chase after my "American Deam."  My name is Joowon or Jay and I'm currently a freshman majoring in Biology to someday realize my dream of becoming a helpful physician.  I decided to take this leadership position because I know all too much the struggles of international students trying to adjust to their new lives here in the States.  Although I'm by no means perfect, I believe this position will help me accomplish one of my newfound goals of uniting the international community!

 picture of Tomo
Tomoya Tokunaga- Japan


My name is Tomoya.  As soon as I graduated from a high school in Japan, I entered De Anza college as a business major student.  I had spent plenty of my time in Japan and hadn't gone abroad often, so I have experienced something brand new every time everywhere since I came here.  I'm very interested in computer programming as well as business.  When I'm free, I often create a simple program or games with my friends whose major is computer science.  Also, I enjoy watching movies in my free time.

Diallo Nikita Cheick Abrham- Burkina Fasso/Russia


Welcome to new students at De Anza College.  I'm Diallo Nikita, I am 19 years old and I am majoring in Business Administration.  This is my second quarter and I'm really happy to study in this College.  I can speak two other languages such as French and Russian.  I want to transfer to San Jose State University with a high GPA in order to have a scholarship.  My goal is to help new students who need help and really don't know how to transfer or know about the College or know their environment and make friends.


Are you a current De Anza student looking to get involved on campus and gain valuable leadership skills and volunteer experience?  You can apply to be a student mentor!

Student mentors meet regularly throughout the quarter to train and plan for upcoming events.  Meetings are typically held on Fridays, but the schedule may vary depending on student class schedules.  Meetings are regularly held bi-weekly, but may be more frequent if there is a large event coming up.

Note: This is a volunteer opportunity.  It is not an employment opportunity with the ISP office.

Recruitment for new student mentors takes place as needed.   To apply, you MUST:

  • have completed at least 1 quarter at De Anza earning a GPA of 2.5 or above
  • be enrolled in 12 units or more
  • be willing to commit to the program for the duration of the current quarter
An announcement will be sent by email when applications are being accepted for new mentors.

Questions?  Contact Hayley in the ISP office: or (408) 864-8767

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