Hope-De Anza

Hope-De Anza Program

Elective Classes and Activities

There are many elective classes and activities that the De Anza program offers at each HOPE site to supplement the vocational work activity programs and enhance students’ skills and abilities while preparing for community employment.

Workforce Preparation, Career & Skills

Job Preparation Classes

Instruction focuses on helping students to identify their current skills and interests, the importance of possessing and demonstrating a strong work ethic and positive attitude, developing a current resume and master application, interview skills training and practice, (one-one and video tape) and focusing and preparing students for current labor market trends.

Computer Classes and Lab 

At each site students have an opportunity to use computers and iPads to
  • develop and practice basic keyboarding skills
  • learn Microsoft Office applications 
  • be introduced to the Internet
  • attend Multi-Media training classes in
    • video production
    • lighting
    • still photography
    • video editing
  • access an extensive library of educational learning programs, teaching and developing
    • basic math
    • managing a trip to the local grocery store
    • fine motor skills
    • stress management
    • money management


Coffee Club

The Alfred Street and Whittier sites offer students the opportunity to learn customer service skills and basic cash register operation while making and serving coffee to peers and staff. Students keep track of inventory, order supplies and manage a budget.

Cycles of  Hope bike crew

Located at the HOPE Alfred St. location.  De Anza  provides training in all aspects of bike repair, customer service, sales, and cashiering.  The bikes that are serviced are sold at Alfred St. on Fridays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and occasionally at various locations in the community on Saturdays.  (408) 562-1836  Average bike prices range from $10.00-$70.00

E-Waste to Wages 

A new and innovative "green" program located at the HOPE Whittier location. De Anza students utilize their customer service skills training to greet and assist the public who are depositing their electronic equipment that is near or at the end it's useful life to the designated donor drop off site.

 Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Current Events

In the daily current events class students increase active learning and critical thinking skills,while becoming more informed about world and local events.  The class utilizes the world wide web, area newspapers, popular magazines, and television and radio coverage to increase students' awareness of notable people and places, and of social and political issues.

Poetry/Creative Writing Class    

In the poetry/creative writing class, socialization activities focus on teaching each student how to “brainstorm” as member of a group, share ideas, take turns, take risks and problem solve in order to put together an individual story or group poem.

Please check out George, Nimb and Red Beets, our latest poem, on YouTube.















If the video is not viewable from this page, click to watch at www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlIvj18TqFM.

The class has published two books to date and is finishing up their third book.

  • Read a poem and link to others from the 2008 book, "Them, Me & We."  
  • Purchase the book and support students' efforts. Also check out their 2009 book, "Trouble Maker."      

Special Events

One of our De Anza College students was the speakers at the 2014 Rise and Shine Breakfast with Cheryl Hines. Congratulations and job well done April!

Jane's experience reading her own poetry and singing in front of large audiences through De Anza College's Music Performance Class made her the perfect choice to speak at Hope's, 2012 "Rise and Shine Breakfast" with Jane Pauley. Jane was also able to share a personal poem that she personally wrote for the De Anza,  "Trouble Maker" poetry book with Jane and it was a hit!!

Rise and Shine 2014

Student Speaker for Hope's " Rise and Shine Breakfast

Instructor with Jane and Aktion Club members

Music Performance

This is a socialization/public speaking class that assists students in building self-confidence and self-esteem through musical performance (vocal, dance, written expression and sign language). Students learn to comprehend and memorize the lyrics and movements to a song of their choice and learn the importance of expressing the meaning of their song to an audience utilizing eye contact, facial expressions and body movement. Students also learn how to give constructive feedback to their peers.  The performance is a culmination to showcase students' efforts in creative writing, poetry, sign language, computer projects, singing and dancing. This year Dance Academy USA assisted our students in learning a group Hip Hop dance number to perform.










Women's and Men's Health and Safety

These classes, offered at the Alfred Street and Whittier sites, are co-facilitated by De Anza College  and San Andreas Regional Center's Consumer Relations staff. Critical skills are emphasized to help students be less vulnerable in their communities and to learn the differences between strangers, acquaintances, friends and boyfriend/girlfriends. Students also learn how to identify and report abuse.

Leadership, Advocacy and Civics

De Anza College student Chris Gianola joins the Regional Centers’ Board!

Chris Gianola

This is the first time a student has ever been chosen as a member of the board! Chris stands out in her role as a spokesperson and clients' rights advocate for individuals with disabilities.  She is active in fighting for disability rights in Sacramento, openly shares her own challenges as a person with a disability who works, enjoys attending De Anza College classes, and has been married for 25 years! She is also a very active member of the Cambrian Kiwanis Club and believes in the importance of community service and civic responsibility.  Chris enjoys helping others so that they can personally reach their own goals and dreams.   She considers herself a lifelong learner and is writing a book chronicling her life story.

Leadership Group

Teaches students the building blocks of leadership and self-advocacy. Each class is responsible for organizing and carrying out at least one fundraising activity for a local charitable organization of their choice which must involve other Hope De Anza students. In the process, students build skills in:


  • communication
  • self advocacy and client rights
  • decision-making
  • basic planning

To date, our Leadership student's have:         

  • Raised 1,600 lbs. of food for the Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Raised money and 132 lbs. of candy for "Operation Care and Comfort" to support our troops
  • Donated food and housekeeping items to "JW House" in Santa Clara
  • Made a youtube video reminding all people about the need to vote in elections-"Equality In Education Not Segregation And The Need To Vote!"

Leadership Graduation 2012

Leadership Graduation 2012








Aktion Clubs

Aktion Club Christmas Tree Lot Assistants
The Aktion Clubs offer disabled students an opportunity to be part of the Kiwanis club and participate in social activities both at the workshops and out in the community.  Whittier was the first site to implement an Aktion Club, starting in 2009.  The Cambrian Park Kiwanis Club is the sponsor.


Jane Malkofsky won first place in the Division 12 Kiwanis California- Nevada- Hawaii District Aktion Club Speech Contest 2013. Congratulations Jane!!!!!




JANE MALKOFSKY - Hope Whittier Aktion Club President

 Being in the Hope Whittier Aktion Club plus being our Aktion Club’s President has taught me a lot about making a difference in the lives of people that we have met while being in this great club.

 Two Aktion Club activities come to mind in which we made a difference in the lives of senior citizens at the Hope Whittier site. The members of our Aktion club baked some goodies for the senior citizens in the Senior Center at Hope Whittier. They were so surprised, so moved and so appreciative that we, the younger generation showed an interest in the people of the Senior Center. They all signed a card to express their gratitude. We were so happy to bake for them. It was a chance to do something special for the seniors..We also made Valentine’s Cards for them as another way of showing them that we really care about them.  

 Sometimes when people become elderly they’re forgotten about or neglected. So what we as the younger generation and the Hope Whittier Aktion Club members wanted to do was to show them that, “they have not been forgotten”. We care about them the same way we care about each other. We respect them and enjoy their company.  It made me happy to provide some cheer and enjoyment for our senior neighbors.

 The last thing I would like to say is that our Hope Whittier Aktion Club loves to serve the community whether it is the elderly, children or people of our own age group. We love to make a difference in the lives that we touch. When we make a difference in the life of an individual or a group of people, it makes a huge difference not only to them but also to us, and that’s why our Aktion Club exists, to touch people’s lives in a positive way. We’re thankful to be able to help or assist people in any way we can.

 Thank you.


 Client Advocacy Group

Student leaders work on problem solving techniques to address issues that come up in both the workshop and community employment.  This group meets once a month and includes members from all HOPE programs and works with HOPE's clients' rights manager and a De Anza College faculty member. They also attend and participate in area and state conferences such as, " People First" and "Supported Life" conferences.

"Weed Warriors"

weed warriors Student volunteers from the Hope Alfred St. site go out weekly to assist with weed abatement and other seasonal tasks at the Don Edward's Refuge in Alviso.  Many of the students have volunteered more than 1000 hours!

On-Campus Classes

Adapted Physical Education

To encourage fitness and health in support of work goals, students may also elect to participate in an Adapted Physical Education course after the regular HOPE site work day.  This class takes place on the De Anza campus twice a week during the scheduled De Anza College quarters. HOPE-De Anza staff accompany students to the class.



row of silhouettes of people with disabilities


Hope-De Anza Off-Campus

Contact: Monica Sheirich
Phone: (408) 282-0427


Contact: Chris Magnin

Phone: (408) 562-1834


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