Grants @ De Anza


Grants Coordination Committee Meetings

  • February 24, 2009 -- Each respective grant presented budget information and expenditure reports to the committee. In efforts to improve transparency, the committee provided helpful suggestions and changes to make each budget easier to read and understand.  Many of these documents can be found on each grants respective websites.  In addition, the creation and management of this website was discussed.  Gregory Anderson in charge of the initial setting and updates of the Grants website.
  • February 11, 2009 -- This meeting was an exploratory introductory meeting between five department deans and two representatives from each of the three major grants on the Deanza campus. The committee is charged with efforts towards accreditation of grant programs, effectively communicating with the campus community regarding grant activities and finding better ways to collaborate with each other, as the target populations of each grant are similar. A joint newsletter was proposed as a means to communicate regularly to the campus regarding events, programming, news and outcomes.

Contact: Gregory Anderston

Phone: 408.864.8981



Last Updated: 4/7/09