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Technology Task Force

About the Committee


De Anza Vision for Technology

Vision Statement:  De Anza College will use information technology to enhance access, learning, retention and success.


Guiding Principles
  • SUPPORT FOR TEACHING: We will provide a responsive technology environment that enriches and enhances learning and creativity.
  • Support for Delivery of Student Services:  We will provide a responsive technology environment that enriches and enhances the delivery of services to students.
  • Support for Research-based Decision Making:  We will provide a responsive technology environment that supports and enhances a research-based culture.
  • INTEGRATION AND INCLUSION: Information technology will help De Anza College fulfill its teaching mission by allowing members of the campus community to communicate, collaborate, learn, and disseminate materials, within and across disciplines and campus borders.
  • SECURITY AND RELIABILITY: Increasingly, the intellectual property and resources of our campus community are in electronic form, requiring that the campus IT infrastructure be stable, safe and secure.
  • UBIQUITY: We will ensure essential connectivity for the entire campus, with basic standards of support for all departments, divisions, and classrooms.
  • EASE OF USE: Campus applications, systems, communications devices and classroom technologies will be integrated and easy to use.
  • ALIGNMENT: Campus priorities will drive De Anza’s information Technology (IT) strategies and investments.  Because information technology requirements differ among fields, De Anza will strive to allocate resources appropriately and with accountability, anticipating and adopting IT innovations and standards beneficial to the campus as a whole.
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EXCELLENCE: Teaching, student services delivery, research, and public service require information technology that meets the highest standards of excellence. We will evaluate the quality of IT with the same rigor as all other De Anza programs.


Role of Tech Task Force

The De Anza College Technology Task Force serves as an advisory group to College Council.  


  1.  Determine criteria for developing proposals.
  2.  Prioritize and coordinate campus technology initiatives in accordance with the Technology Master Plan.
  3. Present technology overview to College Council.  Review technology proposals from a technical perspective and make recommendations to College Council.
  4. Develop and/or modify technology policies and make recommendations to College Council.
  5. Coordinate with governance groups when appropriate.
  6. Communicate with constituency groups.
  7. Collaborate with ETS on design, implementation and maintenance of technology that affects instruction and administration services.
  8. Define process for identifying college based technology standards (e.g., course management systems, content managements systems, iTunes, etc.).



Approved by College Council          10/11/07

Technology Task Force
Building: ADM 153
Contact: Vanessa Smith
Phone: 408.864.8948

Last Updated: 11/6/15