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Welcome - Archived 10/17/11

This Governance Web site will provide timely and accurate information to De Anza's constituent group leaders and members so they can have a consistent means of communication for all governance groups, have access to documents and files before meetings to have time to reflect on their contents, and make informed decisions based on facts.

The De Anza College governance system has three parts:
  1. The shared governance committees: The membership of the Shared Governance committees in this area include all College constituent organizations sitting on each of the following Committees: The Planning and Budgeting Teams which are an integrated system of college-wide planning and budgeting for the College composed of representatives from each College organization. Additional committees reporting to the College Council include: Facilities Review Committee,
  2. The Senates: Academic, Classified, Student Body.
  3. The College Advisory committees in which the College obtains advisory recommendations in key operational areas from committees including Information Technology Policy, Communication and Diversity-related issues. The committees report directly to the College Council composed of representatives from the major College organizations.
This organizational structure is reflected in the current decision making chart.

At the end of the 2006-2007 academic year, the Instruction Planning and Budget Team sent the following recommendation to College Council for consideration:

"College Council should take the lead, in coordination with the PBTs, to develop a written, clearly defined campus wide decision-making process that addresses:

  • The relationship between program review and strategic planning
  • The process by which shared governance group recommendations are incorporated into the decision-making process;
  • The roles of all teams/groups;
  • How shared governance group decisions are communicated.

Existing Challenges we have experienced:

  • The roles of various campus decision making groups have become unclear;
  • Campus wide issues are not easily addressed within the existing structure;
  • There is frequently not enough time for oversight and inter group communications.

Requests from IPBT to Address Challenges

  • Publish an annual budgetary calendar with budget deadlines;
  • Determine how suggestions from shared governance groups are incorporated into decision-making processes;
  • Resolve that PBT recommendations not agreed upon by College Council will be referred back to the appropriate PBT for further deliberations."

The College Council agreed to continue governance discussions the following year which has taken place at nearly every meeting this academic year. A subcommittee was also formed to further this discussion. This subcommittee formed the guidelines below that were adapted from a City College of San Francisco Evaluation of Shared Governance report (2004).

"Recommendations for Improvement of College Shared Governance

  1. Review and clarify the role and function of each shared governance committee and subcommittee including an assessment of whether the issues being addressed with each committee are aligned with role and function.
  2. Develop a flowchart that clearly and simply shows how an issue moves through the shared governance system. Establish a tracking system for recommendations to ensure that issues move through the system.
  3. Review and standardize protocols for committee operations. These operations include, but are not limited to, conducting meetings, developing and submitting agendas, minutes, and annual committee reports.
  4. Review the membership of each shared governance committee for consistency and relevancy. Ensure that new committee chairs know their roles and responsibilities, which should include mentoring new committee members.
  5. Conduct regular reviews to ensure that all committee vacancies are filled in a timely manner. Utilize all college communications to announce committee vacancies and the procedures to serve on a committee.
  6. Enhance the content and look of the college shared governance website and promote its use within the college community. The website should include but not be limited to committee flowcharts, committee membership rosters, committee member contact information, agendas, and posted minutes.
  7. Establish an annual shared governance report that reflects activities and accomplishments for each committee.
  8. Establish a shared governance coordinator/office staff assignment to ensure adequate support for updating, gathering, and disseminating information.
  9. Create a shared governance sunshine committee to insure that all segments of our campus community have access to information about budgets, programs, plans, contracts, etc."
College Council agreed to work through these guidelines with each of the governance groups and post the results on this Web site in the respective areas. The Campus Budget Team volunteered to be first and is currently working through the process.

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Contact: Danielle Wells
Phone: 408.864.8705

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