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German Classes Suspended for future Summer Sessions

Thank you for your interest in the German department classes at De Anza College.

In order to reduce the impact of budget cuts to the German department schedule for Fall, Winter and Spring quarters of AY 2012-13, the department decided to discontinue offering German language classes during future Summer sessions.  We look forward to seeing you in class this Fall, 2017!

German is one of many world languages taught at De Anza. We provide a wide range of course levels to meet the needs of our students, including introductory and/or elementary sequences for all foreign languages offered, and intermediate and advanced courses for some.

If you have studied a language at another institution but don't know which course to start back with at De Anza, we do not offer foreign language placement tests. However, you may contact an instructor for assistance with placement by going to our language department faculty directories. See our German department faculty list.

Please follow these general rules to decide which course level is best for you.

  • One year of high school language is equal to one quarter of De Anza language. For example, if you took German 1 & 2 in high school, you can continue with German 3 at De Anza.

  • Review the German course catalog and current schedule of classes (see links on left menu).

  • See our Intercultural/International Studies Division Frequently Ask Questions page for more information about taking a language class at De Anza.



If you inadvertently reached this department Web site while searching for the International Students Office, please visit the International Students Web site for further assistance.

Building: MCC-14
Contact: Mary Medrano
Phone: 408.864.8769

Last Updated: 5/10/17