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Flu Information and Updates

H1N1 Update - Nov. 12, 2009

Did you miss receiving either an H1N1 or seasonal flu vaccine. De Anza's Health Services expects additional supplies in the near future. Please check back for dates when the vaccines will be offered.

Note: Health Services expects to receive only the nasal H1N1 vaccine. Persons with asthma should check with Santa Clara County for injectable H1N1 vaccine locations.

The vaccine is free to students who show their DASB card and meet the criteria below. Faculty and staff will pay a $10 administrative fee and need to show their staff ID card.
H1N1 Vaccine Eligibility Requirements at De Anza
  • Students age 18-49 years who care for an infant younger than 6 months
  • Young adults 18-24 years old
  • Adults between the ages of 25-64 who have medical conditions that put them at higher risk for flu-related complications (arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV infection, etc.)
  • Health care workers
  • Emergency services personnel and police officers

If you have questions about allergies, vaccine contraindications or whether you should get vaccinated, call the Health Services Office at 408.864.8732.

Health Services is Working to Reduce the Spread of H1N1

De Anza College Health Services Office provided 1,000 H1N1 nasal vaccines to eligible students and staff members and 835 seasonal flu injectable vaccines to students in October.

Visit the Santa Clara County Public Health Department Web site for the most current information about H1N1 flu, including H1NI vaccine information.

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Flu Information and Updates
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