Guidelines For Papers that you turn in.

All papers must have a heading.

Middle of top line:  Short description of what is being turned in. Quiz 2. Chapter 1 section 2. This is the heading.
This is what you want recorded.

Skip one lines.

Write the page and problems numbers assigned, if appropriate.

Skip two line

Identify the page being done by writing the page, circled, in the left margin.

Start the problem, one inch from the left margin with the problem number clearly identified.

Show all work downward. Be sure that the problem number and problem are separated.

 Chapter 1 section 1

page 23, 1, 3, 5, 7,10

page 23:  1) Simplify

 4 + 3 - 2
 7 - 2

Answers are on a separate line below all work. Circle all answers
Skip two lines between problems.

More than one paper, please staple together, top left corner, with page one on top.
The staple should not cover any problems or work. When you staple, be sure the staple does not cover the heading nor any work.

* Work must be neat. Use both side of the paper if desire.
* Copy enough of the problem so that someone that looks at your paper will understand the problem, then show work in one or two vertical columns (not across).
* Answers only are not acceptable.
* Number each problem clearly and indent work so that the problem and work can be easily found.
* Separate each problem from the previous problem with two lines. Do not crowd your work.
* Leave a one inch margin on the left.
* Use equal signs, = with equations only.
* If you have an answer, circle.
* All answers are below the work and on a separate line.
* Graphs must be done on graph paper. One square = one unit.
* Show all work neatly downward, and neat for full credit.


Fold the paper in half with heading inside. Place the fold on the left.
Write your LAST name, one inch from the fold, one inches below the top.
Below your last name, write your first name
Below your first name, write your ordered pair in parentheses.
Be sure that you plan the space for your name and ordered pair.



(4, 2)

When you use a calculator, show all intermediate values.
Example: 14 รท 6 + 4
 2.33 + 4

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