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Iva Tracey

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Course Syllabi


Fall 2017
CRN Course Title
21829 ESL -005.-1YL Advanced Composition and Reading
00769 ESL -234.-01 Low Intermediate English as a Second Language
00806 ESL -261.-05 Low Advanced Listening and Speaking
24571 ESL -261.-06 Low Advanced Listening and Speaking
Summer 2017
CRN Course Title
00435 ESL -261.-01 Low Advanced Listening and Speaking
00449 ESL -273.-01 Introduction to the Essay

Academic Reading and Composition,Curriculum and Instruction, Literacy, Teaching English as Second Language

- Doctor of Education with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction

- Master of Arts in English Language with a specialization in TESOL

- Adult Education Teaching Credential: Basic Skills, ESL, Literacy

- Certificate in Intercultural Studies

- Master Certificate in Human Resources

See instructor for Course Syllabi.

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Last Updated: 9/20/17