About Me

Education must inspire the faith that each of us has both the power and the responsibility to effect positive change on a global scale. - Daisaku Ikeda


I am a native of Germany, living in Santa Cruz. I have been teaching Economics courses at De Anza College since 2010. In addition to my passion for conveying the economic concepts to students we also explore current events and connect them to economic principles. I encourage students to collaborate and discover economics in and beyond the classroom and in their daily decision-making processes.

I am actively involved in the Environmental Sustainability and Global Citizenship (ESGC) Committee, and am currently engaged in a collaborative research project on Environmental Economics issues (fellowship) with Stanford University. I have also served on the Academic Senate and the DARE Committee at De Anza for several years.

I deeply care about the well-being of all students and strife to guide and open their potential towards authenticity and success.

Classes I Teach

Winter 2019

35644ECON 11Principles of Macroeconomics
30008ECON 16SPrinciples of Macroeconomics
36068ECON 1H1HPrinciples of Macroeconomics - HONORS
36067ECON 1H6SHPrinciples of Macroeconomics - HONORS
00595ECON 26Principles of Microeconomics
34931ECON 266ZPrinciples of Microeconomics
36066ECON 2H6HPrinciples of Microeconomics - HONORS

Fall 2018

24092ECON 11Principles of Macroeconomics
20264ECON 15Principles of Macroeconomics
25028ECON 1H5HPrinciples of Macroeconomics - HONORS
00655ECON 23Principles of Microeconomics
00664ECON 262ZPrinciples of Microeconomics
25029ECON 2H3HPrinciples of Microeconomics - HONORS
23381ECON 31Environmental Economics
25030ECON 3H1HEnvironmental Economics - HONORS
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