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Bio 11 Mon/Wed Lecture

Welcome to Biology 11 lecture with Mr. Schinske!  This site is for students enrolled in Bio 11 in Spring 2015 with lectures on Mondays and Wednesdays with Mr. Schinske and labs on Mondays or Wednesdays with Professor Mousavi. 


My goal is for every student to meet our learning goals and excel in class!  

You can see the course syllabus and calendar by clicking here.

The only required book for students in my Monday/Wednesday Bio 11 class is the laboratory manual.  We produce the laboratory manual in-house and it is available at the bookstore for ~$17.

Please log on to Catalyst a few times a week to view course assignments and resources. 

Additional Links
  • Scuba DivingMy home page contains more information about me and my teaching philosophies.

  • Google Imagesallows you to search for pictures of many of the things we discuss or look at in lab.

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Office: SC1 Room 206 
Spring 2015 Office Hours
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