Becky Roberts, PhD


I'm a proud community college graduate, and a PhD in English. I feel fortunate to be able to return to my roots, the kind of college that gave me an opportunity when I left high school at sixteen. I started at Palomar College, went on to San Diego State University, then finished a BA with two majors, music and English, at UCSD.

After my Bachelor's degree, I taught for two years in Adult Education, and then went to graduate school and got a Master's in English at UCSD, a PhD at UCSC. I taught part time at UCSC and Cabrillo College until I got a full-time job at Mt. SAC and then Santiago Canyon College. 

It took me a while to develop the skills I needed to move from high school drop-out to college graduate, and I see a lot of students at De Anza who are also struggling with this transition. I want you to know that it doesn't matter what happened in high school if you can just persevere, get help and do the work. For me, being around serious students was essential at that age, so I urge you to find peer mentors. 

I love teaching because I get to see bigger worlds open up for students. It's not just about learning some facts or rules; after a few weeks or years of college, people's thinking and self-expression change. I feel very fortunate to have a role that growth.

Instructor Class List
FHDA Email: robertsbecky

Classes I Teach

Winter 2019

35952EWRT 1A2DComposition and Reading
31189EWRT 1A24Composition and Reading
35965EWRT 4063ZFiction Writing

Fall 2018

24972ELIT 171Introduction to Shakespeare
25121ELIT 17H1HIntroduction to Shakespeare - HONORS
00688ELIT 48A1Major American Writers (Colonial to Romantic, 1620-1865)
25057ELIT 48AH1HMajor American Writers (Colonial to Romantic, 1620-1865) - HONORS
02637EWRT 1A42Composition and Reading
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