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"The wise one said it can't be done...the fool came and did it."--Zen saying

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Jennifer Myhre

My office hours change quarterly, but you may always contact me for an appointment.


Course Syllabi


Inequality, race/class/gender, social movements, education
Ph.D. Sociology, UC Davis 2001
Peter Berger wrote many sociologists are viewed as "professional Peeping Toms," people who are endlessly curious about other people and their ways. I sometimes call myself a professional "buzzkill," because what I do is teach about sources of social suffering, in the hopes that we can relieve that suffering. Don't worry, though, a sense of humor is an absolutely essential quality to be a good sociologist.

In addition to teaching sociology with love, I am also a documentarian and visual artist.  You can learn more about me and my work by visiting my professional website.  Also, for nearly a decade, my best friend and I took her two kids on a series of roadtrips around the U.S. to learn about the history of social justice activism.  As a result of those trips, I created a website with resources for tourism for families who want to learn more about social justice movements in the U.S.  Visit Social Justice Sojourns to start planning your own trip, or just to learn more about the history of social movements in the U.S.!
Winter 2018
CRN Course Title
34275 SOC -001.-01 Introduction to Sociology
33740 SOC -001.-02 Introduction to Sociology
34964 SOC -001.-03 Introduction to Sociology
33590 SOC -014.-01 The Process of Social Research
35383 SOC -077X-65R Special Projects in Sociology
Spring 2018
CRN Course Title
45426 SOC -001.-01 Introduction to Sociology
43859 SOC -001.-02 Introduction to Sociology
45427 SOC -001.-03 Introduction to Sociology

Syllabi are in downloadable Adobe PDF icon PDFs. Check with instructor if there is no syllabi listed or for most current term information.

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