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I work in the Language Arts Division at De Anza College as an English Instructor, where I teach stand-alone English and Literature classes, as well as having worked in the LinC programs LART, CREM, and Impact AAPI.

 In addition to teaching, I serve as:

  • SLO CORE Team
  • DARE Member
  • IPBT Member 
  • Basic Skills Committee Member in English

For info on a class I am teaching, please e-mail me or check Canvas.

Classes I Teach

Spring 2019

00759EWRT 1A34Composition and Reading
43682EWRT 269ZCritical Reading, Writing and Thinking
44401EWRT 271ZCritical Reading, Writing and Thinking

Winter 2019

00756EWRT 1A14Composition and Reading
31825EWRT 1A26Composition and Reading
00831EWRT 263ZCritical Reading, Writing and Thinking
36155EWRT 275ZCritical Reading, Writing and Thinking
31175EWRT 21117Preparatory Reading and Writing Skills
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