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We are all born ignorant...but one must work hard to remain stupid - Benjamin Franklin

Dr. Taylor Kidd

Dr. Taylor Kidd

TTh 0930-1100 Winery Part-time offices, x8809


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IoT (Internet of Things), Embedded Design, Radio Astronomy
Ph.D., UCSD, 1995; Electrical Engineering (Applied Physics)
I've worked the gamut from embedded systems to HPC, Java to assembler, application engineer to blogger. At one time, I even did research in Radio Astronomy. I'm very proud that I started off as an electronic technician by obtaining an AA EET (Electronics Engineering Technology) degree from Los Angeles Harbor Community College. I currently work on the commercial side of IoT (Internet of Things) doing hardware, software, making and communicating. I blog on power management, IoT, computer architecture and some other things. And I lecture on Astronomy when I have the chance.
Winter 2018
No classes found for Winter 2018.

Spring 2018
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Engr-37: Extra review session Friday (3/24) at 2PM in lecture room


Syllabi are on the class specific page on the links below. 

Guest Lecture on Exoplanet Detection:

  • When: 3/16 (Thursday) at 1:30PM in Forum 1
  • Title: "Techniques in Exoplanet Detection and Analysis" or "How the heck can they tell there‚Äôs water in the atmosphere of a Neptune like planet some 120 Lightyears distant?"

Guest Lecture on Dark Matter:

  • When: TBD (Spring 2017)
  • Title: "So I guess that Dark Matter is, well, dark?" 

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