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Dystopian Literature, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror Literature
B.A.,Comparative Literature, U.C. Santa Cruz, 1993; M.F.A. Critical Studies and Creative Writing, California Institute of the Arts, 1999

I have been a lover of books and reading since the age of five. I watched my first dystopian film at the age of six, and read my first dystopian book at the age of twelve. Since then I have developed a passion for the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres, with a special fondness for dystopian literature.

Applying the dystopian literary form to many of my classes has allowed us to address such diverse topics as the Social Contract, visual and verbal propaganda, current technological and sociopolitical trends, surveillance, and the Command-and-Control Society. From here we can use this model to examine a growing number of real-world historical movements, from Hitler's Third Reich to Mao Tse-Tung's Cultural Revolution to the Project for a New American Century. Using dystopian literature as a starting point for inquiry has also encouraged students to engage in a genre of reading that is both exciting and popular, with direct relevance to the world in which we live.

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