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  • HIST 17A--U.S. History to the Early National Era
  • HIST 17B--U.S. History, 19th Century
  • HIST 17C--U.S. History, 20th Century 
  • HIST 51--California Political and Diplomatic History          
  • HIST 53--California Sites and Monuments
  • HIST 54--Significant Californians
  • HIST 107--Community History

Mary Jo Ignoffo - History

Field Study 

Excursions to historical sites or venues for discussion on the topic at hand are integral to California History Center classes.


sacto1  California State Archives, Sacramento, California (F-09)

Muir Muir Woods, Marin County, California (S-10)

Muir2 Muir Woods, Marin County, California (S-10)



Big Basin Redwoods State Park, the first of California's state park system, was established after a long and rancorous effort at the turn of the twentieth century to save the old-growth redwoods.



bbsPart of the De Anza group at Big Basin, 2009.






Winchester Mystery House, De Anza class visit, 2008.

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