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  • HIST 17A--U.S. History to the Early National Era
  • HIST 17B--U.S. History, 19th Century
  • HIST 17C--U.S. History, 20th Century 
  • HIST 51--California Political and Diplomatic History          
  • HIST 53--California Sites and Monuments
  • HIST 54--Significant Californians
  • HIST 107--Community History

Mary Jo Ignoffo - History


mji Mary Jo Ignoffo specializes in U.S. and California history, with particular interest in bringing historical topics to a broad public forum. She has authored books, curated museum exhibits, given lectures and workshops, and published articles in magazines and newspapers. Her book Gold Rush Politics was chosen by the California State Senate as its Sesquicentennial commemoration.

Ignoffo writes and works with history museums as well as collaborating with the California History Center. She teaches for the De Anza College history department.

Personal website at www.maryjoignoffo.com

Courses Taught at De Anza
  • US History to the Early National Era (HIST 17A)
  • US History, 19th Century (HIST 17B)
  • US History, 20th Century (HIST 17C)
  • Topics in California Political and Diplomatic History (HIST 051)
  • Topics in History of Transportation in California (HIST 052)
  • Topics in California Historical Sites and Monuments (HIST 053)
  • Significant Californians (HIST 054)
BA Religious Studies, Santa Clara University
MA U.S. History, San Jose State University

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