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Currently (subject to change) these are the general requirements for completing the course:

  • Three Assignments specific to political news events.
  • Three Quizzes; all three quizzes are ‘objective’ format. The three quizzes are linked to web based assignments and also are administered within a timed environment. .
  • Three exams; each having an objective [m/c : t/f : short answer and subjective essay]. The primary ‘testing’ material is generated from two textbooks, related web assignments and several Media Presentations. Exams are administered within a timed environment.
    • Each exam period also has a required, brief Post and Reply (P&R) Forum-discussion activity that will further reinforce the focus points of the subject matter.
  • Incentive Projects [IP] (Bonus); Ten separate (optional) assignments [students may do 9 of the 10]; varied in subject matter and up to the student to choose all, some or none. There are several volunteer opportunities to more fully engage with your community while earning bonus points, through one of the IPs set up for this exclusive purpose.
Upon entering the ‘virtual classroom’ the following guides - course materials (fully linked) are available:
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Syllabus
  • Detailed material About Exams and Quizzes (including Study Guides)
  • Detailed material About the Textbooks (including publisher’s links with practice quizzes)
  • Required Reading Schedule
  • Practice Exams
  • ’Tips’ for succeeding in the course - orientation movie
  • Grade Scale
  • Discussions (*Forums*)
  • Private Communication with instructor (*internal eMail or regular or 'chat'*)
  • more …
In the virtual classroom after logging in, each of the above are linked to additional resources for study and review.

There are two orientations; both required

    • My requirement, Activity X (see instructions when you log in to the course)
    • Distance Learning Online Orientation, available (ACTIVE) about one week before classes begin  408 864-8969
  • If you are currently enrolled - you will not be able to log in to the course UNTIL the first day of classes. At that time, you may access your online course at Catalyst.

    You are required to:

  • log in to Catalyst by the second day of the quarter of the first week of classes. (You may be dropped if you fail to log in by this time)
  • complete a 'time/date sensitive' assignment ["Activity X"] - you may be dropped if NOT completing by its deadline (the deadline will be listed on the course calendar once you log in).
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