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Scott Heffner - Political Science

American Government and Politics (Online - Distance Learning) continued p. 2


The Distance Learning (DL) Poli 01 course, American Government and Politics is exclusively online, no on campus requirements.

The Learning Management System (LMS) used is called Catalyst (AKA Moodle). This is a password, protected environment. All work and communication are done within Catalyst via an internet connection, there are no on campus requirements. Remember, you cannot log in until the first day of classes.


Besides the textbooks, there are no other required materials; however, there are technical necessities, including:
  • a stable and high speed internet connection and;
  • sufficient regular access to a computer

email Email: Scott Heffner

Office Hours As of Winter 2012 and my emeritus status, I no longer have assigned office hours or an assigned, physical office and phone number on campus - contact me through email (see above).


Last Updated: 12/1/14