Ridha Hamidi - Environmental Studies


Ridha Hamidi is currently a Technical Lead Engineer with a High Tech Company based in the Silicon Valley. Ridha has worked for more than twenty years for multiple companies in the Computer Networking Industry in the USA and overseas.

Ridha is a Solar Energy enthusiast and he earns the NABCEP Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge of PV Systems.

After playing with computers and electronics, Ridha enjoys reading, biking, running, swimming, soccer, and cooking.

Most of all, Ridha loves spending time with his wife, daughter and son, the most important beings in his life.

Courses Taught at De Anza
  • ESCI 61 - Introduction to Photovoltaic (PV) Technology
  • MS in Telecommunications, Specialty: Signal Processing and Transmission Systems.
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, Specialty: Signal Processing and Telecommunications, Academic Distinction: Summa Cum Laude

email Email: Ridha Hamidi
Phone: 408 864 8999 Ext. 3159
Office: KC212
Hours: by Appointment Only

Last Updated: 4/5/10