This is an animation of a line graph.  Business 10: Introduction to Business

Introduction to business is a survey course which provides a broad overview of the environment, principles, and functions of business.  Students will gain a firm foundation in business terminology and practices essential for success in industry.  Throughout the course students will have the opportunity to learn more about different functional areas and industries to start career planning.  I teach this course in two different formats.  

A section that ends with a "Y" is a hybrid format (i.e., 01Y, 03Y).  Although the majority (80%) of the course is delivered on campus as a traditional lecture class, students will work in teams 20% of the time using an online business simulation game.  

A section ending with a "Z" is an online format.
 This section is delivered in 100% online format, although you are welcome to meet me during office hours on campus if you are local.