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AREAS OF FOCUS: swimming, CPR, first aid, lifeguard training
BIOGRAPHY: I've been on the faculty at De Anza since April, 1988, first in Physical Education, then in Biological and Health Sciences as well.

I'm a Red Cross certified instructor, primarily in lifeguard training, swimming, first aid and CPR/AED. I also train Red Cross instructors in each of these fields and have mentored two Instructor Trainers.

Shortly into my term as a De Anza instructor, I became the Senior Faculty Adviser to the Outdoor Club.

I'm proud to have been a lifeguard, lifeguard captain or in charge of the swim of 52 triathlons or open water swims.

I was retained as an expert witness in a near-drowning lawsuit. The good guys won.

March 2014 I became a volunteer with Yosemite National Park Preventative Search and Rescue.

I am a member of the De Anza College Academic Senate Executive Committee.

Classes I Teach

Summer 2018

12089KNES 1A1LNovice Swimming

Spring 2018

45413HLTH 57A55LFirst Aid for the Community, Home, Wilderness, and Disasters
44616KNES 1A1LNovice Swimming
44619KNES 1A2LNovice Swimming

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Mary Donahue
Part-time Faculty

Physical Education, Biology/Health, Outdoor Club

At / in the swimming pool after classes


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