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Diana Alves de Lima

ATC 309A
By appointment.


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Tutor Training, Academic Support, Learning Skills
Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning, CSU East Bay, 2012; MA Education, Stanford University, 1993; BA Social Sciences, UC Berkeley, 1985
Diana Alves de Lima is the faculty Co-Director of the Student Success Center. She received a Master's in Education (Language, Literacy and Culture) from Stanford University in in 1993, then coordinated the Language Development Center at San Jose State University until starting at De Anza in 1996.  After graduating from UC Berkeley, where she worked as a writing tutor and reading instructor, Diana studied literacy and taught English in Bahia, Brazil and worked in various college and university academic support programs.  She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two kids.

Fall 2017
CRN Course Title
20541 LRNA-077.-65R Special Projects in Learning Assistance
24222 LRNA-096.-55Y Introduction to Peer Tutoring in Groups
02744 LRNA-097.-01Y Introduction to Peer Tutoring in Writing and Reading
24431 LRNA-098.-55 Tutor Training for Math/Science Tutors
21685 SKIL-232.-62Z Adjunct Study Skills
21749 SKIL-232.-65Z Adjunct Study Skills
21750 SKIL-232.-66Z Adjunct Study Skills
21751 SKIL-232.-67Z Adjunct Study Skills
23883 SKIL-232.-68Z Adjunct Study Skills
21753 SKIL-232.-69Z Adjunct Study Skills
21754 SKIL-232.-70Z Adjunct Study Skills
21755 SKIL-232.-71Z Adjunct Study Skills
21778 SKIL-232.-72Z Adjunct Study Skills
21777 SKIL-232.-73Z Adjunct Study Skills
22586 SKIL-232.-74Z Adjunct Study Skills
22614 SKIL-232.-75Z Adjunct Study Skills
23125 SKIL-232.-76Z Adjunct Study Skills
23126 SKIL-232.-77Z Adjunct Study Skills
21872 SKIL-233.-62Z Adjunct Study Skills Practice
Summer 2017
No classes found for Summer 2017.

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