This event takes place in the past.

Modeling Vulnerability and Authenticity as a Classroom Strategy


9:30 am to 11:00 am

Online via Zoom

Modeling Vulnerability and Authenticity as a Classroom Strategy
Join us for a talk with Sal Breiter, instructor, Humanities, as part of the Social Sciences and Humanities Dean's Momentum series.

Moderators: Jayanti Roy, Instructor, Child Development and Education, and Elvin T. Ramos, Dean, Social Sciences and Humanities

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  • Password: 569 318
Every single student in our classroom has the strength and capacity for growth and change. How do we facilitate this process with grace and clarity by making space for them to find an authentic voice and a sense of power? How do we encourage them to reflect on their life experiences, cultivate their curiosity, consider new ideas, make meaningful mistakes, and build their skills and knowledge? How can we affirm their character and competencies, encourage them to persevere, and build their skills for success? Is it possible that a teacher’s vulnerability and authenticity in their classrooms is an essential foundation that makes all of this possible? Let’s talk about this.
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