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Office of Equity, Social Justice and
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Higher Education for AB540 Students (HEFAS)

Higher Education for AB540 Students(HEFAS) at De Anza College is an institutional and educational program that will provide resources, reduce financial stress, and create a safe learning environment for all students with an emphasis on undocumented/AB540.

It will implement a book loan program, peer advisors, and free access to resources; which will secure their educational success. We are dedicated to empower students, build leadership skills, promote social justice, and advocate for higher education.

Provide Resources
  • Scholarships        
  • Internships
  • Transfer Information and Aid (especially for schools who are AB540 friendly)                     
  • Book loan program
  • Peer advisors and free access to resources
  • Computer and free printing       
  • Safe place for support of a community
  • How to figure out college schedule and start strong(placement testing, educational planning)   
  • Connecting existing campus food programs to HEFAS
  • Providing materials (i.e. staplers, scissors, cantons/blue books etc.)
Reduce Financial Stress
  • Refer to payment plane
  • Stipends to student tutors
  • Establish  money and book loan program
  • Provide info on college services like ECO pass
  • Create a job list (career center)
Create a Safe Learning Environment
  • Keeping things confidential
  • Friendly environment
  • “Know your rights” workshops, constitutional rights red cards, police brutality awareness
  • Identifying community resources such as SIREN and DEBUG!
Empower Students
  • Build leadership skills
  • Build social and communication skills
  • Connect them into similar programs or clubs like IMASS
  • Encourage participation and “Undocumented and Unafraid” Mentality
  • ALWAYS! give opportunities to become and develop as leaders.
  • Provide with tools to develop their leadership skills
  • Create and show videos!
  • Leader of the Month
  • Volunteer of the Month
  • Tutor of the Month
Advocate for Justice
  • Bulletin and flyers from clubs, projects, or programs to make aware of their social justice events.
  • Encouraging the students to attend the events
  • Motivate people to be active in social work/justice that have to do with bettering our lives
  • Connecting students to existing on and off campus community partners
  • Workshops for students to engage and expand their knowledge (know your rights, E.N.D education not deportation, dead mob)
  • Materials that people can wear or display to raise awareness ( i.e.buttons to promote HEFAS)
  • HEFAS members will always be educating people on current issues related to undocumented students and immigration law/acts.
  • HEFAS social networks to connect with outer community (face-book, twitter)
If you would like to get involved with or need more information on HEFAS, please contact

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Adriana Garcia

Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday
9am - 6pm


Building: MLC 250

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