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Bao Luu

Transferred to University of California, Davis

Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavioral Science major

Thanks to the support and services provided by EOPS, I was able to achieve my education goals. As an incoming freshman, I was clueless and overwhelmed by the requirement of planning out my educational plan for the next two years. The readily available from EOPS counselors saved a lot of time and guided me from the wrong major that I have chosen for transfer. I feel grateful that there is a program designed to help low-income, first generation students like me. The quarterly book funds relieved me from the perpetual financial stress, and the earliest registration meant that I could be among the first to choose the classes required for my major. The addition of the printing and computer services further addressed the need in my education, guaranteeing that I could expend all of my energy into education.


My dream is to become a medical physician, and the program helped me to realize that my dream is possible. After achieving my goal, I strive to provide back the resources that were available to me. I strongly believe that there are invisible barriers that students from the lower economic background face, and programs like EOPS can break through those barriers. Whatever has helped me to realize my dream, it will be my turn to help the future generation to realize theirs.

Alejandra Gutierrez

Transferred to San Jose State University

Kinesiology major

I have been in EOPS for my 3 years at De Anza, and it has been the best decision I have ever made. EOPS not only has counselors, but also offers book funds, computer use, grants, etc. I've never felt alone during my school years and I thank Truly Hunter for that. Truly is an amazing counselor along with all the others. She helped me stay on my toes and get to where I am today. She was supportive with all the decisions I would make, and she made me feel comfortable to talk to. I could not get through college without her and EOPS. All the services they offered were very helpful throughout the quarter. They also offered workshops, which were very informative about 4 year universities. If EOPS did not exist, I don't know how I would survive my 3 years of college.


My major is Kinesiology and I would love to work with kids as a Physical Education teacher. I hope I could move up and teach in a high school. Finally get my Masters and teach in a college hopefully.


I could write a lot more about my experience in detail, but my best advice is to simply join EOPS and see for yourself because you won't be disappointed. It's everything you need in a supportive program.



Jessica Keshishian

Transferred to University of California, Berkeley

Economics major

The support and services that I received from EOPS definitely contributed to my success in so many ways. I had just moved to the States once I started college. I was not familiar with a lot of things related to college and transferring. EOPS helped me become familiar with them. The awesome counselors helped me make an educational plan and made sure that I was following it to have a successful and smooth transfer. If it was not for their support, transferring to the best public school in the world would have been just a dream for me. The book vouchers were a tremendous weight off my shoulders because they gave me the chance to buy and rent the required textbooks without having to worry about their prices. Additionally, the early registration was very beneficial to me since I was working while attending college and had to schedule my classes somehow that they wouldn't be in conflict with my work schedule. Overall, EOPS was very beneficial to me and I would like to deeply appreciate everybody who worked hard to help me succeed.


My plan is to get my Bachelor’s Degree and then go to law/business school and work on JD/MBA. Although I am not sure what I will do after receiving my graduate degree, I know that I would like to practice tax law. My non-career goal is to help others succeed and achieve their educational goals. I don't know how I will do it but I believe what matters the most now is the thought and the intention of doing such thing. Once the right time comes I know that I will find the means and the resources required to achieve that goal and be a useful and productive community member.

Juan Hernandez Lopez

Transferred to University of California, Berkeley

Media Studies & Sociology


When I first started at De Anza College, I had no sense of direction because I am a first-generation student of immigrants. I did not know where to go to get help for counseling, classes, and academic planning. I was also scared of registration because it would mean that I wasn't going to get the classes I needed or wanted. Financial assistance for books was another concern for me because I am technically an independent student. My mother does not work and my father does not support me or my mom. However, all my worries were ceased when I was admitted to EOPS. I owe so much to the faculty and counseling of EOPS because they have tremendously helped me with early registration, book funds, counseling, academic plans and even personal issues that I had had in the past. I also thank Truly Hunter who has been one of the best counselors in EOPS. She helped me to accomplish my goals to transfer into a UC. She has been there to help me ever since I joined the EOPS family. I also want to thank Virginia Marquez who also listened to me when I was going through a rough time, and Rosie for being there with the front desk. I truly appreciate everything EOPS has done for my academic years at De Anza College. They have made my last three years less stressful and will always hold a special place in my heart.


My ultimate goal is to get a master's degree or a PhD in either communications or sociology, so I can teach in a community college like De Anza College. I want to teach communications and sociology because I feel that students and people need to be aware of issues that are happening around them, and these two majors combined are the best way to do so.

Siavash Taheri

Transferred to University of San Francisco

Nursing major

I had a great experience with EOPS. In my opinion, academic planning and advising was the most helpful and beneficial to me. As a pre-nursing student, I was very confused with the admission date and timing for taking different entrance and standard exams such as WST, TEAS and HESI. Fortunately, My EOPS advisor Mrs. Greene helped me a lot and made sure that I understood those deadlines. She also monitored my academic progress so I had confidence that the courses that I took were the right ones. I also received a great deal of encouragement from my EOPS advisor. I remember that I was always eager to show my grades to my advisor and get motivated to keep going. I feel this encouragement from the counselors was very necessary for me since I had to reduce my social life a lot in order to score well in my science courses. They were like a family. While I was taking my science classes at De Anza College, I could not dedicate much time for working and making money. EOPS book funds was very helpful in that time and saved me a lot of money! With the help of EOPS textbook funds, I could either buy or rent the latest edition of the textbooks, which our professor recommended.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you EOPS. "I LOVE EOPS"

Joshua Frandsen

Transferred to University of California, Berkeley

Physics major

The EOPS experience really helped me feel confident going into the transfer process. Being able to meet with a counselor whenever I have questions, allowed me to make sure I was pursuing things in the right direction.


There was one quarter where I wouldn't have been able to take the class if it wasn't for the book funds. That would have pushed my transfer back a full year, so I am very appreciative of the program, and all the support that it provided me.


Thank you!!

Itzayana Barrera Alvarez

Associate Degree

Liberal Arts: Social & Behavioral Science Emphasis

I am an AB540 student, and as a first generation in my family to go to school I found it quite difficult to get through college even though my parents support and encourage me to go to school. I still couldn't find the support that I needed when it came to choosing my classes. I was motivated to further my educational career from all the EOPS staff members such as Melinda Hughes, Truly Hunter, George Robles, and Chuong Le. Transportation was always a big issue for me. With the gas cards, I was able to come to school every day without missing my classes. Anything and everything that I needed help in was successfully aided by EOPS staff. I even got a job in EOPS and now I am very happy to know that I can make a difference in the lives of students even if it’s the smallest detail by greeting them as they come into the office. There are no words to explain the gratitude towards how I feel about EOPS. All I know is that EOPS is my Home away from home.


Thank you!

Thy Doan

Transferred to University of California, Berkeley

Sociology major

I am thankful for programs like EOPS because they have supported my academic endeavors. EOPS program had helped me navigate my way through De Anza College by giving me early registration, academic advising, and book funds. The program made me realize how important it is to give back to the community. I believe that the most difficult challenge after I complete my education is being able to incorporate my values of social justice, compassion and integrity into my future career. In my community of East San Jose, a majority of the people are considered low-income and struggle to provide their families with basic amenities. I strongly believe that the way out of this poverty is through education. However, it is extremely difficult to achieve a higher education because of the lack of resources necessary to succeed. In communities like mine, underprivileged students are more likely to drop out of school and become exposed to drugs and violence. After completing my education, I strive to continue to empower those who need the support in order escape poverty through a higher education.

Justin Samuel

Transferred to San Jose State University

Economics major

Overall the experience at De Anza College EOPS program was great. My counselor Melinda Hughes was very supportive every step of the journey. She pushed me to achieve all of my educational goals. She also helped plan a great educational path, and helped me with the transfer process to San Jose State. With her mentorship I was able to achieve success this year. The mandatory meetings with my counselor every quarter helped me stay accountable.  My ultimate goal after completion of my education is non-profit work. I want to open up transitional housing programs for foster youths in the community. I am a former foster youth and I feel that my story and experience will have a positive impact on foster kids.

Cindy Do

Transferred to University of California, San Diego

Communications major

EOPS has been such a tremendous help for me. It has helped me so much with planning the correct courses for my major and making sure I completed all my units on time. I appreciate the one-on-one counseling I received because I felt like I got the extra attention and time needed to planning my future. Before EOPS I had to go to the general counseling and there I was not given the right help or advice. EOPS has also been a big help for me financially. The book funds really made a big difference and I think it is very thoughtful gesture for other kids who need the money also. I would go to EOPS whenever I was in need of school supplies when I did not have any and you guys always had some to save me from failing my tests. EOPS in all has helped me in all aspects of my educational career. From helping me plan my transferring plan, funding me with funds for books, and supplying me with school supplies. I love EOPS! It is such a great program for low-income kids like me who do not have much resources. You made me feel like I was able to go and meet my goals in school without having to stress about funds or supplies. Without EOPS I don't think I would have been on top of my goals of transferring or even able to get some of my classes because I wouldn't have had early registration. That was a major benefit for me because I didn't have to worry about not getting into an important class that I needed. With early registration it has helped me finish all required courses at De Anza within two years. My goal after I complete my education is to work in the field of communication and PR. I think one day I would want to create and own my own PR agency.

Thu Nguyen

Transferred to San Jose State University

Social Work major

All services that I have received from EOPS are really helpful to me. My family is a low-income family, so all services from EOPS have important role to me to complete my goal transferring to SJSU. They supported my learning process, made me feel confident and work harder to overcome my hardship.


After I complete my education, I will participate in programs liked EOPS to support other students who have the same situations as well as I do. Receiving the help from the EOPS and the U.S government is also one of the reasons that I want to become a social worker.

Mengru Yu

Transferred to University of California, Santa Cruz

Chemistry major

The support that EOPS gave is a crucial contributing factor to

my success. Lily is the best counselor who actually cares about students. She took the time and effort to help me plan out the best classes and education plan in order to help me transfer to the school that I want to transfer to. The workshops also helped me get all the information that I need about different colleges. The book fund is definitely also a great help since books are very expensive. Early registration helped me get all the classes I need in order to transfer out in time. Overall EOPS is an amazing program. Without it I would've struggled way more to get to where I am today. I will definitely continue my education path to get my bachelors' degree. My ultimate goal is to go to pharmacy school and become a pharmacist.

Ngoc Nguyen

Transferred to University of California, Davis

Biological Sciences major

All of the support and services I received from EOPS really did contribute to my success. Thanks to all of your great and helpful advices that helped me get through 3 years of college at De Anza College much easier and more successful than other people. Without EOPS, I would not be able to have early registration, academic plans well set up, and survive at De Anza College. Of course, there were lots of tough times I had with classes and studying during my 3 years at De Anza; however, with all the help, advices, and benefits I got from EOPS program, I was able to get through it much easier compared to my peers that are not in the program. Thanks to all the book funds, I got to save up tons of money for other stuffs. I personally would like to thank all EOPS counselors and staff for your great work and efforts you put in in order to help us succeed. To be honest, without you guys, I do not know if I would be able to be at where I am right now. I will use all of the EOPS experiences I got when I attend UC Davis because I know for sure it would help me a lot to survive through all the tough competitions there. Thank you so much!

Huan Nguyen

Transferred to San Jose State University

Business Administration - Accounting major

To be honest, being in the program was one of the best experiences I had during my time at De Anza. The benefits of early registration and book funds were indeed helpful but what I considered the most important was the guidance from the program's academic advisors. Being a relatively new immigrant and first generation to attend US college, I was mostly lost in planning my academic map and career. But thanks to the guidance from the advisors, I was able to gradually grab hold of what I am supposed to do for my future. My success in transferring to SJSU happened smoothly was greatly due to the help of De Anza's EOPS program and I am truly appreciate this.


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