Emergency Information

Emergency Evacuation Chairs

Usage Instructions

You can check out the above video as a DVD from Mary Sullivan, Health Service (408-864-8733)


Currently  located at:

•    ATC            Chair located 2nd floor on right wall. (use 44D key to unlock)
•    Kirsch         Chair located in division office on left
•    Library        Chair located 2nd floor by main elevator (use 44D key to unlock)
•    LCW           Chair located at bottom of stair well (use 44D key to unlock)
•    Sci. Cntr 2  Chair located 2nd floor near passenger elevator (use 44D key to unlock)
•    RSS           Chair located 2nd floor on wall outside conf. room (use 44D key to unlock)
•    PE             Two chairs mounted on wall next to shed on pool deck (use 44D key to unlock)
•    PE 11         Chair located on 2nd floor by elevator (use 44D key to unlock)
•    VPAC         Chair located on 2nd floor by main elevator (use 44D key to unlock)
Future locations:
•    Baldwin Winery (1)
•    Media Learning Center (2)
Evacuation Chairs Map

Remember - instructions are illustrated on back of each evacuation chair.

  To Assist Mobility Impaired Persons
  1. Always ask students first if they have special needs or requirements.
  2. Individuals using wheelchairs can be pushed or accompanied to safety.
  3. Individuals using canes, crutches, or walkers should evacuate themselves except in the event that rapid evacuation is deemed essential.
  4. Call the Building Monitor, Security, Disability Support Services or other trained college personnel and wait for help before transferring a person from a wheelchair or transporting a person on a stairway, unless the situation is imminently life threatening.
  5. Wheelchairs for emergency use are located in PE 13 and Health Services.
  6. Special evacuation chairs may be used for stairway evacuation or to transport injured or non-ambulatory persons. These are mounted near the stairwells in:


Emergency Web site
Contact: Sally Gore
Phone: 408.864.8758

Last Updated: 9/21/16