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Sent on Tuesday, 4-22-14
Attention : DSS Academic Students Only
We are forwarding a reminder to all students in the DSS program, regarding the new Student Success Enrollment Priorities. The college forwarded email communication to all De Anza students, enrolled in the spring 2014 quarter that they would need to meet the new Enrollment Priorities to be eligible for the highest priority enrollment.  A link to the enrollment priorities is below at the end of this email. The new enrollment requirements go in effect for the fall 2014 registration. All students should review the information contained in the link below to ensure that they have completed the required Student Success components (Orientation, Assessment, and Education Plan in Degree Works- the college's digital ed plan system) to be eligible for your highest priority registration. Students are responsible for self-directing themselves in meeting these requirements- but we are here to help.

Resources to Develop Your Degree Works Education Plan

To assist students develop a Digital Education plan in Degree Works (the college's digital education plan system in My Portal), students can use the following resources provided by the college in your De Anza My Portal:

1) Degree Works video tutorial (in your De Anza My Portal)
2) Degree Works Assistance PDF(s) (in your De Anza My Portal)

Also, attached is a brief, easy to use guide titled, " How to Develop an Abbreviated Ed Plan".  This guide can also provide students instructions on how to develop a comprehensive Education Plan ( containing courses for 3 or more quarters).

Degree Works Open House for DSS and EDC Students

To further assist students in developing an abbreviated or comprehensive education plan, the DSS/ EDC programs will be offering a Degree Works Open House to assist you in developing your Education Plan in Degree Works. 

These workshops will be held on Fridays from April 25th through June 20th between 9:00am to 11:00am- except for Friday May, 23rd. You can come by, drop-in, and get assistance in developing your Education Plan.* All your questions can be answered here!


The Requirements for DSS/EDC Priority Registration

Students are not required to attend a Degree Works Open house, but are encouraged, if they feel they need more direction than is provided in the resources contained in My Portal and those attached in this email.
All DSS/EDC students will be responsible for self-directing themselves to the completion of the components for the highest priority registration (Orientation, Assessment, and Degree Works Education Plan). If you need information and/ or support in completing any of the components, your counselor is here to help you. 

Orientation: All students who completed the DSS/EDC initial intake process have completed this requirement. (No worries about this one!)
Assessment: Students must complete either the Math or English placement test. If you have not completed either of these assessments, and you are in need of accommodations talk to your DSS/EDC counselor.
Degree Works Education Plan: Resources presented above. Students who have been at the college for less than 3 quarters and have less than 22.5 units may complete an abbreviated education plan in Degree Works- 1 quarter plan. Students in the their 3rd quarter or beyond or have completed 22.5 units ( or soon to complete 22.5 units)- whichever comes first- must complete a Comprehensive Education Plan (3 quarters or more).

Important:  All students after completing their Education Plan in Degree Works must email their DSS/EDC counselor for approval of their completed plan. Completion of Assessment and your Degree Works Educational Plan must be completed before June 25th to provide the time necessary for your counselor to review and approve your Degree Works Education Plan. 

Priority Enrollment DeAnza College web link:

Sent on Wednesday, 4-23-14


The guide (" How to Develop an Abbreviated Ed Plan") referenced yesterday in the DSS email (04/22/14) is attached.  As noted, this guide can also provide students instructions on how to develop a Comprehensive Education Plan ( containing courses for 3 or more quarters). Please reference the 04/22/14 email for the new requirements for priority registration and the resources available to assist you.






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