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Sent on 5-5-17


Disability Support Programs and Services

Pre-Priority Registration Advising for

Fall 2017 June 19th – July 7th

Registration & Student Services Building Room 141



ALL DSS Students

  Please check your Priority Registration on MyPortal after June 15, 2017

  • Go to MyPortal
  • Click on the Registration Tab
  • Click on Get Date to Register 
    • You will be able to see your Fall registration date


     **You MUST meet with your DSS Counselor for Fall Registration   sometime during the summer**




Key information and dates for DSS, EDC and APE students:

Adaptive Physical Education students: Register during the registration period. For more information contact Michael Fosnaugh at 408-864-8885


DSS students: schedule an appointment with your counselor to choose your classes. To schedule anappointment call Patti Whelan at 408-864-8753


Priority Registration Dates: July 10th and July 11th.

Check your My Portal account to verify that you have completed all SSSP requirements prior to your counseling appointment

*You must have a current Ed plan that includes at least one course  you plan to enroll in for the fall quarter


*DSS students who meet the criteria for priority registration will have access to priority registration for Fall 2017. Refer to the following De Anza College link for registration information.



Students receiving interpreting and captioning services must complete and submit an online "Request for Services form" (pink form) and a current schedule to Rose Jensen, DHHS supervisor each quarter.


Information on the Schedule of Classes:
Will be available online 7-1-17 


Fall 2017 Fees

Out of State / Foreign Citizens Tuition        $160.00       per unit
International Student Health fee                  $506.00       per quarter
Registration                                              $31.00         per unit
Basic / BOGW Fees                                 $46.00         per quarter

Student Representation Fee                        $1.33           per quarter

Annual Parking Decal                                 $70.00         annual

Quarter Parking Decal                                $26.65         per quarter 
BOGW Parking Decal                                $13.15         per quarter
Motorcycle Decal                                       $15.00         per quarter 
ECO Pass 12 and over units enrolled           $5.00           per quarter
ECO Pass 6 – 11.9 units enrolled                $4.00           per quarter
ECD Pass .50 – 5.9 units enrolled               $3.00           per quarter

If you would like to change your email address, please reply with your corrected information.

Please be aware that you may receive an additional communications from DSS, based on previously email messages.


Note: All DSPS email messages are posted to the DSS web page.


De Anza College
Disability Support Services
Registration and Student Services Building, Suite 141
21250 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino Ca 95014-5793



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