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The mission is to work with De Anza College's Deaf and hard of hearing students--

  • Deaf Servicesto facilitate classroom communication and provide access to campus  activities for Deaf and hard of hearing students and
  • to promote campus-wide understanding and responsiveness to the communication needs of Deaf and hard of hearing students.

Deaf Services offered Sign Language interpreting in the classroom starting in  1988.

Since then, Deaf Services has served students with varying communication needs and with differing educational goals including

  • obtaining an A.A. /A.S. Degree,
  • transferring to a 4 year university,
  • certificate programs,
  • improving current job skills,
  • personal enrichment.

It also was among the early pioneers in the state

  • to provide real time captioning services for students not proficient in sign language
  • to work campus-wide to ensure that De Anza meet the California mandates to caption instructional materials.

Deaf Services is a unit of Disability Support Services (DSS).

Interpreting or captioning is provided, as needed, for intake, registration, counseling and other DSS appointments.  DSS counselors evaluate the educational and accommodation needs of Deaf and hard of hearing students and recommend accommodations and services to assist students to meet their individual educational goals.  These may include, among others:

  • priority registration
  • disability management counseling
  • instructor liaison
  • note-taking services
  • specialized tutoring
  • academic skill development courses
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Interpreting and Captioning Services

What Does the Program Do?Deaf Program Services

Deaf Services provides communication access for students enrolled in any college class by offering, based on individual need

  • Sign Language interpreting
  • Real-time captioning
  • Coordination to provide captioned classroom videos
  • Help to effectively use assistive listening devices

Access to classroom activities is the first priority for Deaf Services, including distance-learning classes or regularly scheduled classes held off-campus. 

Students can also request interpreting/captioning services for activities related to their instructional classes and for other De Anza programs. Special requests are made in advance to Deaf Services so that scheduling can be coordinated.  Requests may be made for such activities as:

  • instructor conferences
  • counselor meetings
  • tutoring sessions
  • financial aid appointments
  • appointments in other campus service programs
  • required course activities
  • campus-wide lectures and events

Deaf Services assists the campus to understand and meet the communication needs of Deaf/hard of hearing students.  Deaf Services staff

  • Send information packets to instructors on communicating with Deaf/hard of hearing students and working with classroom service provider
  • Coordinate their services with DSS staff and counselors and other Special Ed staff
  • Participate in in-service activities and campus awareness activities, as appropriate
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Eligibility and Applying

Who is Eligible to receive Deaf Services?Deaf Program Services

Students who have a loss of hearing which impedes the communication process essential to language, educational, social and/or cultural interactions.

  • has been documented by a audiogram, not more than 3 years old

For specific information on eligibility requirements, see Disability Definitions and Documentation.

How Does a New Student Apply to receive interpreting or captioning services?

A currently enrolled or prospective De Anza student who wants to receive interpreting or captioning must

  • provide completed disability documentation to Disability Support Services.
  • meet with a DSS counselor for an Intake-Registration appointment.
  • complete DSS program paperwork and college enrollment requirements.

An interpreter or captioner will attend if the student requests this when the appointment is made.

For specific information and steps , see How to Apply for Interpreting/Captioning Services.

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Deaf Services is a unit of Disability Support Services (DSS).  Disability Support Services and the other three programs that comprise De Anza's Disaiblity Support Programs and Services Division offer additional services and classes to address the needs and goals of students with other types of disabilities. They are

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Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
Building: SCS 125
Contact:  Rosemary Jensen

Phone: 408 864-8755
Disability Support Services Building: SCS 141
Contact: Patricia Whelan
Phone: 408.864.8753
TTY: 408.864.8748


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