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Placement Testing for DSS Students

How does a student take the Placement Tests?

  • Basic English, English as a Second Language and basic Math placement tests are given in the Assessment Center (Registration & Student Services Building.) 

    Accommodations may not be needed
    because some or all of these tests are administered 
    • on a computer
    • are untimed

  • Some tests do have sections that are timed or require a writing sample.

  • To request an accommodation for placement testing, contact DSS for evaluation and to coordinate arrangements.

  • Tests are by appointment only.  Once appointment slots are full, students may be able to be able to test on Stand-by, but it is best to plan ahead and make an appointment early.

  • Some advanced level placement tests in math and science are given only on specific scheduled dates.

  • See the Assessment Center website for
      • information about the different placement tests and sample questions.
      • information and forms for making a placement test appointment

  • Students who believe they will require an accommodation for placement testing can contact DSS for evaluation and to coordinate arrangements.

  • Complete Placement tests at least three weeks before an Intake-Registration Appointment to be sure test results are available for the meeting.

Who must take Placement Tests?

  • Any new student* who plans to take classes in

    • English Writing

    • Reading

    • English as a Second Language

  • Any student who plans to take a Math course above the Math 210, pre-Algebra level.

  • Students who plan to take specific courses in Biology, Chemistry, Math. See Assessment Center website for details.
* Students who have passed college-level math and English at another college should bring proof of course completion to determine if they meet pre-requisite requirements.
SeeAssessment Centerwebsite for placement pre-requisite and test details.

Who else should take Placement Tests?

  • A student who plans to take any general education course that states a student should already have completed English 1A first.  (Schedule will state English 1A is a pre-requisite or is an advisory.)

  • A student who is unsure if his or her English reading or writing levels are at "college" level.

  • New students just graduated from high school who plan to take general education academic courses,or who plan to earn a degree, or a certificate.

  • Students planning to take ONLY Adapted PE, Guidance, or Assistive Technology classes.
  • Students who already have a college degree do not need to take placement tests.  They should bring a copy of their transcript to the Intake-Registration meeting.
  • Students who have college-level credit in English or Math from another school may meet course pre-requisites without taking placement.  See Assessment Center website.
For additional information on Placement Testing, including Frequently Asked Questions, see Assessment Centerwebsite.

If you are unsure about whether you should take Placement Tests or if you will need accommodations to do so, discuss this at the Intake- Appointment with your DSS counselor.

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