Disabiity Support Services

Disability Support Services Department

How to Document a Disability

The De Anza College Disability Verification form

  • is required to document most disabilities
  • must be dated within one year
  • must be signed by an appropriate professional

Eligible disability conditions and the professionals who are authorized to verify them are listed in Disability Definitions/Documentation.

The Disability Verification Packet contains 4 documents (.pdf) to be printed and taken to the treating professional.

Disability Verification Packet

Instructions to Student

Step by step instructions for prospective DSS students
Disability Verification form Doctor or treating professional completes & signs.
Definitions/Documentation page Information on eligible disabilities and the treating professionals who may verify them.
Letter to Treating Professional
Instructions for the doctor or treating professional on completing the Disability Verification form

To complete the verification process, a prospective DSS student must

Click on Disability Verification Packet to open the PDF documents.

  1. Download and print all four items in the packet.
  2. Fill in the date on page 2.
  3. Fill in the Student Information fields on pages 3.
  4. Provide the Introduction Letter (page 2) and the Disability Form (page 3) to your treating professional/doctor to complete and sign.
  5. After the Disability Verification Form is completed and signed by the treating professional or doctor, it should be returned by mail or in-person to:

Disability Support Services

Registration and Student Services Building (RSS) Room 141

21250 Stevens Creek Blvd.

Cupertino, CA 95124


  • FAX it to 408.864.5492
  • Have it scanned then:
    • Email it as an attachment to DSS@fhda.edu, or
    • Upload it during the online DSPS Application process



NOTE: Use Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to open and print document.

Disabiity Support Services Building: RSS-141
Contact: Patricia Whelan
Phone: 408.864.8753
TTY: 408.864.8748

Last Updated: 5/23/17