Disability Information Student Handbook

Disability Information Student Handbook

Section Five:  Campus and Community Life

Career, Transfer, and Employment


Career Planning

It is helpful for students to start early exploring the potential careers and employment opportunities that are compatible with their personal talents and interests. Early identification of possible career paths can help define and focus a student's educational planning and maintain their motivation. For assistance, contact Career Services.

University Transfer Planning

If a student plans to transfer to a university they should:

These suggestions can help a student formulate their transfer plans:

  • Become familiar with general education course patterns, especially those that are required by the:
    • California State University and
    • University of California systems.
  • Settle on a major as early as possible and learn about the lower division preparation courses they will need to complete prior to transferring.
  • Develop relationships with their instructors, so they are able to write recommendation letters for them.
  • Attend the college fair at De Anza to meet representatives from a number of universities.
  • Make a personal visit to any four-year colleges they are considering.
  • Contact the disability service office at any universities they are interested in.
    • If possible, students should visit the campus in person. 
    • Ask about disability support services they offer, and confirm their:
      • Documentation requirements,
      • Eligibility process, and
      • Time lines.


Employment Resources

Diversity World
Employment Opportunities with Proactive Companies
"Enriching workplaces and reducing employment barriers..."

California Business Leadership Network

Active alliance of California companies, collaborating to improve employment for people with disabilities


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