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Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations
Academic and Classroom Accommodations & Services

Test Accommodation For Classroom Tests--Description and Steps

◊ Description

◊ Guidelines on Test Accommodation Services (new web page)


Modifications to classroom tests are made based on the educational limitations of the student with a disability and the format of the examination.

Effective accommodation for class evaluation activities often requires preparations well in advance. Make certain that you know the instructor's plan for quizzes or other in-class evaluative  assignments. If you need assistance to assess possible accommodations for any type of course requirement, see your counselor/advisor.

Steps To Arrange Testing Accommodations

(Students should also review the Guidelines which details the requirements to receive this accommodation.)



Meet with your DSPS Counselor
Schedule an appointment 
  • as soon as you decide to request test accommodation for the course
  • after the 1st class meeting or as soon as you have exam information for the class
Bring to the appointment
  • the course's exam schedule
  • the class syllabus ("green sheet")
  • any other information about the tests
You and your counselor will:  
  • discuss your disability-related needs and the exam requirements for the class
  • review "Test Accommodation Roles and Responsibilities"
  • confirm your understanding of the Academic Integrity Policy and the DSPS Test Accommodation Guidelines.
Talk with your instructor.
  • your accommodation needs
  • the test accommodation procedures
  • the copy of the "Test Roles and Responsibilities" your counselor can give you for the instructor
Your instructor will receive an letter from your DSPS Counselor notifying them of your authorized accommodations
Go to see the  the DSPS Test Proctor
Test Proctor Location/Hours: 
  • Learning Center West (LCW) 110
  • Mon. - Fri. 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

 Review "Guidelines"  and procedures with the Test Proctor, if needed.


Review and Sign the Academic Integrity Form
Schedule    your  Test Accommodation Appointments

 Schedule all appointments with the DSPS Test Proctor

  • for the entire quarter, if possible.
  • in advance, according to Guideline requirements
  • Bring the course syllabus and test schedule.
Keep the "Appointment Reminders" for each of your future appointments.
  • Calendar your appointments in your planner.
  •  No other reminder for your appointments will be sent.
Pick Up a Test Envelope Before Each Test Appointment
The DSPS Test Proctor will complete a Test Envelope for you to provide to your instructor.
  • Obtain the envelope from the Test Proctor early enough for you to give it to your instructor at least a week ahead of your scheduled appointment.
  • Follow any additional instructions or alternate procedures the Test Proctor gives you.
Deliver Test Envelope to Instructor
Your Instructor must receive the envelope from you at least 5 school days before your Test Accommodation appointment.
Arrive Promptly for Scheduled Test Appointment
Check in at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
  • Bring all required test materials.
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