Disability Information Student Handbook

Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations
Academic and Classroom Accommodations & Services

Test Accommodations For Classroom Tests

Modifications to classroom tests are made on based on the student’s educational limitations and the format of the examination.

Effective accommodation for class evaluation activities often requires preparations well in advance. Make certain that you know the instructor's plan for quizzes or other in-class evaluative  assignments. If you need assistance to assess possible accommodations for any type of course requirement, see your counselor/advisor.

Steps to arrange for testing accommodations:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your counselor/advisor as soon as you decide you may need test accommodations, preferably immediately after the quarter begins.
  2. Bring the course syllabus (green sheet), exam schedules and any other information available about the test format to the appointment.
  3. The counselor/advisor will review the "Test Accommodation Roles and Responsibilities" sheet. You may request a copy to give to your instructor.
  4. The counselor/advisor will complete a Test Accommodation Verification (TAV) specifying approved accommodations.
  5. After reading the Academic Integrity Policy on the back of the TAV form, you will sign the TAV, acknowledging you understand these and the DSPS policies, Testing, and Scheduling Policies.
  6. Meet with your classroom instructor to discuss the accommodations, review the TAV form, and confirm who will administer the accommodation. 
  7. After the instructor has signed the TAV form, return the completed form to the test proctor in DSS, RSS Building. Bring the class test schedule and/or syllabus (green sheet) to schedule your exam times.
  8. The Test Proctor will review testing policies, procedures and Testing Guidelines & Scheduling Policies.
  9. The Test Proctor will advise you on how tests will be obtained and where they will be administered.
  10. Questions about test accommodations and procedures can be addressed to your counselor/advisor and/or the testing proctor, as appropriate.



  • Accommodations are approved by the counselor/advisor for disability-related needs clearly supported by current disability documentation.
  • A completed TAV form must be on file prior to any test accommodation appointment.
  • No materials or personal effects are permitted during test administration unless based on approved test accommodations or instructor directions.  Any notes to be used as a test accommodation require review and sign-off by the course instructor in advance of the test appointment .
  • Test accommodations may be administered by the instructor, or by the DSPS test proctor, or his/her designee.
  • Test accommodations for Distance classes may necessitate additional consultation and planning.  For Distance classes, students are required to communicate any potential test accommodation needs to their counselor/advisor as soon as the course begins.

Scheduling Policies

  • Test appointment arrangements must be made with the proctor a minimum of five (5) working days in advance. Any exception to this must be approved by the student's counselor/advisor. The test proctor cannot approve changes.
  • It is recommended that exams be scheduled for the entire quarter, whenever possible.
  • The deadline for Final exam test accommodation arrangements is posted no late than the tenth week of the quarter on the home pages of DSS and EDC and in the Test Proctor's Office.

Appointment Policies

  • Exam appointment times must coincide as closely as possible with the regular classroom test time. Therefore, students are advised to leave an hour free before or after any class in which test accommodations are anticipated.
  • Students will receive Test Appointment reminder slips from the Test Proctor.
  • Students who arrive late for their test appointment may have that amount of time deducted.
  • The Test Proctor should be notified if a student drops a course for which future exam appointments have been scheduled.

Cancellation, Late and No Show Policies

  • Students should notify the Test Proctor and instructor if they will be unable to  make a scheduled test accommodation appointment or will be late. 
    • If there is no notification, the instructor and the counselor/advisor will be notified of the "no show" thirty minutes after the appointment time.
    •  The test may be returned to the instructor, in which case the student will need instructor approval to take the exam at another time.

Policies Regarding Resolution of Problems

  • Any question about the effectiveness of the accommodation should be discussed with the counselor/advisor as soon as possible.
  • Any problems during test accommodation or administration must be reported immediately to the Testing Proctor, or his/her designee at the testing site and, if appropriate, to the counselor/advisor as soon as possible.
  • Students must adhere to the Test Accommodation policies  and guidelines as explained by the test proctor, outlined in Test Accommodation materials, and any which are updated and publicly posted. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action or suspension of services.
  • Any incident that poses a potential breach of De Anza’s Academic Integrity Policy is reported to the class instructor immediately and may result in immediate termination of the test appointment.


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