Disability Information Student Handbook

Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations
General Accommodations

◊ Furniture Accommodations ◊

Adaptive Equipment Loans

Students can borrow specialized equipment essential to access course requirements. Since loans are made for a temporary period, students are encouraged to purchase their own equipment when possible.

Specialized equipment is available for loan through DSS and includes:

The state of California has a program to loan BrailleNote equipment which De Anza can participate in on an as-needed basis. See your DSS counselor or LD Specialist.

Steps to follow to borrow equipment:

  1. See your DSS counselor or LD Specialist.
  2. Sign an Equipment Loan form that describes the loan conditions and the equipment and accessories on loan.


  • Guidelines for borrowing equipment vary depending on the type of equipment borrowed.
  • The Loan form will specify the return date and the policies for borrowing equipment.
  • If a student fails to follow the guidelines, any future borrowing maybe affected or college records held.
  • You may be asked to replace damaged or lost equipment.

In addition:

  • The Computer Accessibility Lab (CAL) has a comprehensive list of assistive technology hardware and software in its lab and mainstream campus computer labs.
  • The Library provides two accessible computers, located on the first floor of the library, for students with disabilities.


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Furniture Accommodations

For eligible students, DSS works with College Services to arrange for alternatives to traditional classroom chairs and desks to be placed in classrooms. The following are available to accommodate the need for classroom seating or desk alternatives:

  • Adjustable height electric tables,
  • Padded or adjustable chairs
  • Small height adjustable tables
  • Podiums

Individually prescribed seating arrangements are not within the college's scope of responsibility.

If a student's disability calls for a specific classroom seating location, the student can request that a quarter length "Reservation" label be placed on a specific seat.

Furniture accommodation use must be authorized by a DSS counselor or LD Specialist and is based on disability related educational limitations.

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